Wellness Companies React to EEOC Incentive Rule Upheaval

Wellness programs took a hit recently when a federal judge ruled that an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission rule regarding incentives will be nullified as of Jan. 1, 2019. A few different wellness companies told me their reactions to this news, and, to my surprise, not all of it was panic or negative.

University Makes Healthy Choice with Health Care Panel

The Health Care Task Force may not be the most creative name for a super group of organizational planners, but it served a vital service for University of Minnesota in 2002 when the institution switched to a self-insured plan. Rather than relying on the state of Minnesota, the university set up its own internal infrastructure, complete with internal expertise in areas like pharmacy, HR and law. Fifteen years later, the university’s internal plan still yields impressive results contrary to general health care cost trends.

The Private Exchange’s Spread in the Workplace

After co-founding Liazon, one of the industry’s leading benefits exchanges for employers in 2007, benefits expert Alan Cohen extensively analyzed the current American health care landscape and the place of the private exchange within it. His new book “Employee Benefits…