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Health Savings Accounts: the New 401(k)

As a society, we’re often in denial about retirement. While most of us envision a future full of leisurely, work-free days, many people have done little to prepare for it. Daily Starbucks runs and racing out to buy the latest…

Nothing in Life is Free — Not Even an EAP

You get what you pay for.” This adage rings especially true in the business world. Low salaries generally attract mediocre talent. Cheap technology is often inefficient and can require costly repairs. And free employee assistance programs can incur high health…

Building a Wellness Program 101

While large employers are leading the way in corporate wellness, smaller companies that have been struggling to catch up are getting some help from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which recently released a step-by-step guide to designing a successful wellness…


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How Does the Vesting Requirement Relate to Disability?

I have a question regarding the 1,000-hour vesting/participation requirement related to disability: Employee A works 400 hours as an active (regular) employee. At that point, the employee gets a temporary disability (because of nonwork related activities) and no longer performs work, but is not terminated and remains an employee. In this case, does the 1,000-hour rule get waived since there is a disability? Or does it stay in place since there was no termination event? Thanks for any help/insight. —Counting the Hours, assistant controller, construction trades, Rancho Dominguez


This Week in Racism

Employers must be vigilant in rooting out, and stopping, racist speech in the workplace, or face the consequences of potentially damaging, and expensive, discrimination lawsuits.

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Workplace Culture

How Do We Build Culture?

Would it help us build camaraderie and culture to create an inclusive “get-to-know-you sheet” to encourage our employees to develop stronger relationships? Honestly, our focus on culture is newfound. We know it’s important and want to develop tools that nurture it, yet some of our managers don’t fully appreciate how culture ties back to their responsibilities. Suggestions? —Nervous Newbie, project manager, financial services, Cleveland, Ohio