How Do We Keep Up With Change?

With dynamic change coming to the health care industry, we are looking at redesigning our training road map. How do we keep pace with the changes to make sure our career development programs are touching on the most vital things?  — Staggered, human resource executive, health care consulting, Illinois

How Do We Deliver Performance-Based Learning?

I’m working on a project team to boost how we design, deliver and administer performance-based learning. There doesn’t seem to be an out-of-the-box way to do this for our services organization of 600 people. Strategically speaking, how do we achieve our goal? — Map But No Direction, Health Care, Jacksonville, Florida

How Do I Show Training Impact?

I am searching for examples of measures that can show the “mission impact” of training for employees that provide administrative support. As an example, if the training is for finance managers at an organization that focuses on biomedical research, what metrics would likely demonstrate how the training received affects the organization’s research?  — Mission Impossible or Not, Raleigh, North Carolina

Team Coaching for Highly Motivated Employees

Our employees often work in teams, executing projects or drumming up innovation. How valuable is it for us to implement coaching for these folks who are already highly motivated? We were considering some type of "team coaching," although we don't really know if such an animal exists. —Pleased with Our Employees, but not Complacent, engineering/architectural, Washington, D.C.

What Are the Pitfalls of Job Rotation Programs?

What are some "caution items" before we launch into job rotation? We aren't sure whether it should start at our home office or across departments, and also aren't sure what percentage of our employees should be rotated. —Cautious but Curious, manufacturing/production, Bangkok, Thailand