Team Coaching for Highly Motivated Employees

Our employees often work in teams, executing projects or drumming up innovation. How valuable is it for us to implement coaching for these folks who are already highly motivated? We were considering some type of "team coaching," although we don't really know if such an animal exists. —Pleased with Our Employees, but not Complacent, engineering/architectural, Washington, D.C.

What Are the Pitfalls of Job Rotation Programs?

What are some "caution items" before we launch into job rotation? We aren't sure whether it should start at our home office or across departments, and also aren't sure what percentage of our employees should be rotated. —Cautious but Curious, manufacturing/production, Bangkok, Thailand

Improving Customer Service

How do we change the paradigm for customer service? Our goal is to instill in employees the core values of service quality, teamwork and accountability. I know there’s no easy path, but we need a few stepping stones to get started. Our aim is to develop competencies that describe these abstract behaviors and use them to measure performance. —Stepping Stones Sought, software/services, Hyderabad, India