1. Problem is, these generalists at talent management don’t do any personnel work anymore. That is all farmed out. When I approach my HR department all questions are given to a third party. I came here trying to find out what in the world these people do with themselves.

    • That’s an extremely interesting comment, @schofie:disqus. Do others share the same opinion?

      • Yes, I do. While I understand the need to outsource certain operations, I think there should ALWAYS be someone in-house to have access to information and answer questions and provide help when needed.

      • Pretty much on my own there. I asked what they don’t farm out & got a list – the three they said they do – I would never go to them – salary questions, time sheets & vacation.

    • This is a really interesting comment and I can see why you are frustrated. I work at a company where we still do “HR” in-house. I think, personally, that is a better customer service approach to team members. Not sure what big companies like Google do, but I agree with you that people need other people for support and questions – not an off shore third party. That seems very impersonal.

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