1. I’m offended by Ms. Pyrillis’ article vilifying Trump. Like everything else in the world is supposedly his fault, she contends so is sexual discrimination/harassment in the workplace of his doing now. How ridiculous! She makes one giant leap to the conclusion that sexual discrimination in the workplace is going to increase just because he’s in office, as if it didn’t exist until that “locker room” tape. That “locker room” talk had nothing to do with behavior in the workplace. Trump never mentioned his employees. Ms. Pyrillis moved it indoors to on-the-job situations. If Trump was so bad, why does he hire strong, intelligent women and give them a shot at high-powered jobs? I’m offended that Ms. Pyrillis, like so many other women-libbers (fanatics) condemning our president, is blaming what even she acknowledges has been a problem in the workplace for years on him. There was absolutely no reason to mention Trump. Her ugly words are just another example of how this nation will never heal itself as long as people like her, the child-like liberals keep stomping their feet and pounding their fists. Trump is the president; get over it and get on the bandwagon instead of fighting him every step of the way–and most importantly, quit blaming him for all of the world’s misdeeds.

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