1. Great stuff, as always, Andie! The Employee Health and Wellness Program Code of Conduct can be found at http://www.ethicalwellness.org. We urge honest and competent vendors to endorse the “do no harm” and “respect employee dignity” standards.

  2. Two other quick followups. First, the article references seven vendors having the same name. That name is Empower Wellness. There’s empowerwellness.com, empowerwellness.net, empoweredwellnessfitness.com, empowerwellnesstraining.com, empowered-wellness.com, empoweredwellness.co, empowerwellnesscenter.net, and empoweredwellness.org. Actually that’s eight. My information was out of date.

    Second, I know it’s not always about me (my first wife was quite clear on that point), but info about health literacy — and a fun quiz — can be found at http://www.quizzify.com. I’m not going to use this comment to “sell” you on Quizzify but I would ask three questions about the importance of health literacy:

    –How can you have a culture of health without a culture of health literacy?
    –Is there an argument against having more knowledgeable employees?
    –If employees are spending $10,000/year of your money, is it worth $1/month to help them spend it wisely?

  3. Some good stuff here – especially The Code of Conduct – so needed in the industry – Two additional comments: 1) the reference to the success of rewards and punishments is completely out of line with decades of research on their ineffectiveness and iatrogenicity, and 2) none of these programs have much meaning without a company culture of trust and inclusiveness – Given employee engagement rates of about 30% this is the area that needs the most and the primary attention – Dr. Jon

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