1. Most of the people I have worked with that have a h1 visa do not have the skills they put in their resume. Nice people but are in most cases learning on the job. The job they do most of them in IT could,be done by locals with some college or certs. Yes this is taking from local people.

    • Hey there! Since you are not an immigrant, are an “American” and have skills, I assumed you would know your grammar pretty well. It’s their resume and not there resume.

      An Immigrant Wife

      • Thank you. Again nice people but like I said skill do not match. Everyone make mistakes but that does not excuse fake credentials on work history or education. This is not about race or any notion of bias. The fact is I have beat my H1B competition by simply turning out a better product. It takes 5 of them to try to keep up with me. I know passion but I see little of it from most Visa holders. I work with about 27 of them and I see real passion with 3 but also fear. I like them but I could easily hire 5 skilled locals to replace them all. I would keep the 3 and give them a pay bump if I could. Please correct me but at the end of the day I have real passion for IT and Computer science. To compare what takes me 3 working days to complete has been 6+ unfinshed month project H1B Visa holder.
        I thought he was new and did not have any experience. To my surprise he had 16 years experience and 2 degrees and some Certs under his belt. I asked after he told me his history what took him so long he just pointed telling me I am really good. I was lost for words he should have killed this project. This was the day I learned about the Visa program and it’s money saving to the Corporation. Manager know but are helpless if they complain and they do. They simple get a new H1B Visa holder who they have to train all over. Sorry for the long post but that is my story.

        With respect and peace.

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