1. I don’t recall seeing any court decision or evidence that Bill O’Reilly did or didn’t do something. I’m disappointed that we’re so quick to condemn someone before proof has been provided.

    Where was all the outrage about Bill Clinton’s behavior? Those women were treated awful and never given the benefit of the doubt.

    I am tired of everyone being define as good or bad based on whether they are a conservative or a liberal. Bad behavior is bad behavior. And let’s look at the facts before we judge either side of an issue.

    • Were you investigating the cases? Why would you be entitled to evidence in cases that were internally investigated and settled, likely with confidentiality clauses? Allegations of sexual harassment are, normally, kept confidential until — and unless — they end up in open court. Multiple payouts totaling $13 million hardly seems to be “so quick.” If anything, as pointed out in the article, what took Fox so long? Were they waiting for O’Reilly’s payouts to eclipse the $20 million paid out in Ailes’ case? And, regarding Bill Clinton, have you forgotten that he was impeached and also had to pay out a lot of money as a result of his alleged misconduct? You are right; this is not a partisan political issue. Bad behavior is bad behavior.

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