1. Are excellent knowledge based websites such as businessballs.com and other. Sites for limited skills e.g. In IT software skills, and many free e-books are no different from newspaper, magazines and books with tweaks for interaction. Human interactive skills only get truly learned by interaction, practise and feedback.

    When I worked for Tack Training International we gave free books with our paid courses as reinforcers.that enhanced our reputation not caused damage.

  2. As the founder and CEO of BizLibrary, a leading provider of online training content for organizations, I wanted to present the case for “paid training content. As you can imagine, we are constantly talking internally and externally about the value and true cost of “free training content”.

    As this article states quite well, there is a large amount available. What a vendor like BizLibrary provides is built-in curation (we vet and approve all lessons and courses added to our BizLibrary Collection), playlists or recommended learning paths, simplified search functionality, and the ability to offer both quality “paid training content” and “free training content” in one simple to use learner experience.

    The bottom line is that “free training content” isn’t really free. The time employees waste online with inadequate and inappropriate content is a real cost to organizations today. According to a McKinsey report, the average employee spends 9-10 hours per week searching for information online. By saving them just an hour or two each week by providing a high-quality, curated online training library, organizations like BizLibrary save our clients BIG money (and time)!

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