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Optimas Awards

Choptank Transport Inc.: Optimas Silver Winner for Training

Updated training programs will help create a better work environment and provides employees with better understanding of their jobs.

While shipping and transport company Choptank Transport Inc. had a training program in place for many years, company leaders found it was outsourced and tailored to the industry instead of its particular business. In an effort to create a more customized training program, Choptank created a two-week classroom training structure for new employees in addition to its seven-week onboarding program.

The first week of the training involves classroom learning and the second week moves to hands-on learning. Each classroom can train 24 people, with 16 computers and eight outside video connections.

The new training system began in early 2017, so while measurable results are still being calculated, Choptank has had positive feedback from both new and existing employees who say they’re excited about the possibilities for advancement because of the new LMS.

For its work preparing new employees with a potential for advancement, Choptank Transport Inc. is the 2017 Optimas Award Silver winner for Training.

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