1. Now THAT is a really dumb idea…that will certainly dumb down humanity and dehumanize the workplace (even more). Let’s get robots to spy and babysit. How about some real solutions by humans and for human. Let’s challenge humans to step-up their game, take responsibility for their actions and to learn and do what is right. A client recently engaged me to help them with concerns about SH in one of their departments. They thought training would be helpful. Instead of training (too which would have been business for me), I suggested the following: 1) HR Director set up “sit downs” with managers and smaller groups of employees in the department; 2) Read, explain and allow for questions regarding the SH policy; 3) Explain the importance of respecting each other and supporting an environment where people can thrive, be content and productive without fear or presence of harassment. 4) Look each employee in the eye and tell them “we will not tolerate SH. If it is determined that you [intentionally] harassed someone, you will be fired.” 5) Explain that if you believe you are being harassed, to bring it to the managers or HR’s attention; 6) Have each employee sign a document acknowledging their understanding of each of the aforementioned points. 7) Wish them an nice day.

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