1. I’ll Take Leave of Absence Policies for $5.25 Million, Alex
  2. Hot Topics for 2019: #MeToo and Data Privacy
  3. The 1st Nominee for the Worst Employer of 2019 is … the Philandering Pharmacist


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  1. Posted in: BenefitsI’ll Take Leave of Absence Policies for $5.25 Million, AlexTake these lessons to heart and ensure that your leave of absence policies permit for extended unpaid leaves as reasonable accommodations for disabled and pregnant ...
  2. Posted in: BenefitsHot Topics for 2019: #MeToo and Data PrivacySome of the same topics including #MeToo and health data privacy will continue to resonate through the workplace in the coming year.
  3. Organ Transplant Innovations Posted in: BenefitsOrgan Transplant Innovations Can Save Health Care DollarsTransplants with organs from infected donors are saving people’s lives — and saving money for both patients and plan sponsors.
  4. Posted in: LegalThe 1st Nominee for the Worst Employer of 2019 is … the Philandering PharmacistThe tallies are still coming in for 2018's 'Worst Employer' winner but here's one boss with some lip-smacking potential for the new year.
  5. Posted in: BenefitsDaily Wellness and Motivation TipsWorkplace wellness experts share tips that people can keep in mind on a daily basis to improve their overall well-being.
  6. Posted in: CompensationA Quick Review on Rules for Docking Pay for Exempt EmployeesGenerally speaking, it violates the Fair Labor Standards Act to take a deduction from the salary of an exempt employee.
  7. employee rainy day savings Posted in: BenefitsHelp Workers Save for Rainy Days, Not Just Golden YearsMany employees want help saving money, especially for unexpected emergencies, but few employers are offering help when it comes to rainy day savings.
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  10. Posted in: HR AdministrationDoes Title VII Protect an Employee’s Self-help Discovery?Courts generally balance the following factors to determine whether the employee's gathering of self-help documents was reasonable and protected.
  11. Posted in: Workplace CultureIs Your Organization Rethinking Its Holiday Party This Year?Some 35 percent of employers do not plan to throw a holiday party this year, the lowest number since 2009. The likely culprit? #MeToo.
  12. tax reform impact on relocation Posted in: HR AdministrationSector Report: Relocation Programs Are HurtingLast year, President Donald Trump signed into law a sweeping corporate tax cut that has upended relocation budgets for many companies.