Can You Pay Your Employees in Bitcoin?

Bitcoins do not have a set value. Their value is based solely on global exchanges, and depends on how it’s bought and sold online.

“What is bitcoin? I don’t understand how fake money works.” These were the words of my 9-year-old last week. Let me try to help him, and you, out. Bitcoin is not fake money. It’s digital, or virtual, currency, created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. It’s used for online transactions — some legitimate (Microsoft, Overstock), and…

Talent10x: Which City Will Win Amazon’s Second Headquarters?

Talent10x hosts discuss Amazon's list of 20 finalists to house its second North American headquarters. Which company do they think will win the bid?

Workforce’s Rick Bell and Talent Economy Managing Editor Frank Kalman discuss Amazon’s list of 20 cities in contention to land its second North American headquarters. Plus, the pair talk a rise in workplace suicides, Apple’s bonus and more on this episode of the Talent10x podcast. Listen here or subscribe to Talent10x on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or Tunein. This podcast originally appeared on Workforce‘s sister publication, Talent Economy.

Walmart (Yes, Walmart) Has Now Done More for Worker Rights Than the U.S. Government

The retail giant has officially moved the needle on both minimum wage and paid family leave.

Earlier this month, Walmart announced sweeping additions to how it compensates its employees. Effective 2/17/18, it will raise the minimum starting wage for all hourly U.S. employees to $11. It is offering a one-time, $1,000 bonus to all full- and part-time U.S. employees. It is expanding paid maternity leave for all full-time employees to 10 weeks, and paid parental leave to six…

Talent10x: Is It Still Better to Work at Big Companies?

Hosts Rick Bell and Frank Kalman discuss a new study showing the upside of working for a large company rather than a small one isn't what it used to be. Plus, Wal-Mart gives out raises and bonuses.

Workforce Editorial Director Rick Bell and Talent Economy Managing Editor Frank Kalman dive into a study showing that the pay premium workers used to receive compared to their small-company counterparts isn’t what it used to be. Plus, Google finds itself wrapped up in two lawsuits — one arguing the company discriminated against white conservative men, and another arguing it discriminates against women. Finally,…

Despite Pay Hike, CHROs Still Trail Fellow C-Suite Execs’ Salaries

Median compensation for top HR executives at public companies hit $1.7 million in 2016, according to a new report.

First the good news. Median pay for chief human resources officers at publicly traded companies in the United States rose in 2016 for all but top executives at the very largest companies, a possible reflection of HR’s more strategic standing of late, according to a new report. Now the bad news: pay for CHROs remains far below total compensation for…

Talent10x: Does Meritocracy Work?

Workforce editors Frank Kalman, Rick Bell and Lauren Dixon discuss the merits of meritocracy, the latest on CEO activism and more in today's Talent10x podcast.

This week’s episode of Talent Economy podcast Talent10x features Workforce’s Rick Bell, Frank Kalman and Lauren Dixon, who discuss Lauren’s most recent story analyzing the state of meritocracy at work, the latest developments in CEO and business political and cultural activism, and news that Equifax fired its CEO. Listen here or subscribe to Talent10x on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or Tunein. This podcast originally appeared on Workforce‘s sister publication, Talent Economy.

5MM: Lowering the Minimum Wage

Workforce editors Rick Bell and Frank Kalman discuss St. Louis lowering its minimum wage by $2.30, a move very different from what's happening in other cities.

In this week’s edition of 5 Minutes of Management, Workforce editors Frank Kalman and Rick Bell discuss St. Louis lowering it’s minimum wage. They also talk about CEO activism and the importance it has among different generations. For more 5 Minutes of Management, check out our YouTube channel. 

Is the Labor Department’s White-Collar Salary Test DOA?

The ball is now in the hands of the appeals court.

Late last week, a federal judge in Texas struck down the Department of Labor’s attempt to raise the salary test for the Fair Labor Standards Act’s white-collar exemptions from $455 per week to $913 per week. The court held that because the statute defines the administrative, executive, and professional exemptions based on their duties, any salary test that renders the…

Time Management Clock Ticks Toward Value and Away From Hourly Pay

How much is your time worth? Millennials are spearheading value versus hourly wage and getting immediate access to their compensation rather than waiting until payday.

Clocking in, signing time sheets and clocking out are normal occurrences in most standard jobs. Working a certain amount of hours and getting paid for them is how work is documented, but the luster of hourly wages and two-week pay periods may not be the shiny gem of the workday that it once was. Being a time watcher at work…