Employers Face a Rise in Biometric Privacy Lawsuits

Asking employees to authenticate their time using similar technologies could have far-reaching legal implications.

Biometric privacy lawsuits could be on the rise soon among employers. You can hardly pick up a smartphone these days without reading about — and experiencing — how biometric authentication technology is changing our lives and businesses. Finger and facial recognition have become so commonplace that you might not think twice before asking your employees to authenticate their time using…

New HR Tech Event Unleashed

European-based HR industry event organizer HRN is running its second U.S. conference in May and going head to head with the existing HR Technology Conference.

European-based HR industry event organizer HRN, which is behind a fledgling U.S. HR technology conference, is counting on longtime insider China Gorman to boost its presence stateside. The outfit tapped Gorman to manage its North American operations, including helping it rebrand and run its second U.S. conference. The event, once known as HR Tech World and rebranded as Unleash back…

5 Minutes of Management: Your Next Boss Is a Robot

There’s a lot of hype around the future of robots and artificial intelligence in the workplace. But will a robot be your next boss? Also, the cheesy HR research stat o’ the week.

Workforce editors Frank Kalman and Rick Bell offer a few eye-popping stats regarding talk AI and robots’  future as workplace supervisors. They also introduce a new feature: the cheesy HR research stat o’ the week. For more 5 Minutes of Management, check out our YouTube channel.  

5MM: A Silver Lining in the Robot Revolution

What are some of the future job titles we might expect with the rise of robots? Why are people checking email instead of basting turkey? Workforce explores.

Workforce editors Frank Kalman and Rick Bell note that rather than being a job-killer, the so-called robot revolution may actually create 21 million new types of jobs. Also, you won’t be alone if you check your work email on Christmas Day. For more 5 Minutes of Management, check out our YouTube channel.  

Coming to Grips With the Effects of an Automated Nation on Workplaces

The negative consequences are inevitable, but present another leadership opportunity for HR.

Automation technology will create 14.9 million new jobs in the next decade, with automation creating jobs equivalent to 10 percent of the workforce through 2027, according to a Forrester report published in April. Michael Chui, partner at the McKinsey Global Institute, said many of the new jobs created by automation technology will be in the data science field, robotics and…

Some Lessons From the Employee Fired for Middle-Fingering Trump’s Motorcade

Gender issues may buy this employer a sex discrimination lawsuit.

Have your heard about Juli Briskman, the biker who flipped the finger to Trump’s passing motorcade? Tweets by julibriskman Apparently, her employer, Akima, was less than amused when she used the above as her profile pic on her personal Facebook and Twitter accounts, and fired her for violating this social media policy: Covered Social Media Activity that contains discriminatory, obscene…

Siemens Healthineers: Optimas Gold Winner for Global Outlook

For its global efforts in advancing health care technology, Siemens Healthineers is the Optimas Award Gold winner for Global Outlook.

Siemens Healthineers is known for its dedication to improving human health through the latest treatment and technology. As the world continues to move, with technology and human behavior evolving every day, Siemens Healthineers found it necessary to alter its strategy to learning. Its previous mission statement, “To become the largest provider of global virtual education, performance support and cloud-based performance,”…

Office of Information and Technology at the Department of Veterans Affairs: Optimas Silver Winner for Managing Change

The Department of Veterans Affairs' Office of Information works to create the best experiences for veterans through the delivery of technology.

The Office of Information and Technology at the Department of Veterans Affairs’ goal is to create the best experience for all military veterans by providing unified veteran experiences through the delivery of new and innovative technology.   To achieve its goals, the department’s chief learning office was tasked with creating new learning solutions. The firm’s work resulted in adding project…

Makespace: Optimas Silver Winner for Partnership

Startup businesses have the desire to grow into a larger company but don't always have the tools to successfully get there.

Startups have shown the ability to grow into successful organizations seemingly overnight, even as they face the myriad challenges that come with scaling a new business. Makespace, a storage and pickup company, started with four drivers, an excel spreadsheet and paper punch cards in New York City and quickly grew to 180 drivers in four cities across the country. Because of its…

China Gorman Helps Unleash New HR Tech Industry Event

The longtime industry insider will lead the European-based event as it takes on LRP’s HR Technology Conference.

China Gorman will lead the Unleash HR technology conference in the spring. When human resources leaders talk about China there’s a fair chance they’re referring not to the Asian nation but to China Gorman, the one-time Great Place to Work CEO, former Society for Human Resource Management chief operating officer and longtime industry thought leader, adviser and speaker. HRN, a…