John Mahoney and Marty Crane Taught Us How to Cope With Life and Work

Mahoney’s recent death is a reminder to never stop learning. And that sipping a beer in a recliner is one way to deal with your annoying kids.

Crack open a can of Ballantine beer and sit in your favorite ugly easy chair. Let’s take a moment to commemorate the life of John Mahoney, the actor who played Marty Crane on the long-running TV sitcom Frasier.

Grovo Trademarks L&D Buzzword ‘Microlearning’

The aim of registering the term is to make microlearning a core part of every organization’s learning strategy, claims CEO.

Education technology company Grovo has trademarked one of the industry’s hottest buzzwords. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has given Grovo a registered trademark on “microlearning.” In legal terms, a trademark is used to identify goods or services as having a single source, according to intellectual property attorney Patrick J. Arnold Jr. But Arnold noted that Grovo has registered microlearning on the…

Your Employees Are Your Brand Ambassadors; Train Them Accordingly

Employees need to understand that they will be held accountable with their jobs if do anything to damage the reputation of your brand.

“Dad, can you take me to the craft store?” My sixth grader has a diorama due the day after Thanksgiving break. So, off Norah and I went to the craft store last night. “Can you help me find fake moss for the floor of my deciduous forest?” I had two options. Aimlessly wander around the big-box store, or amble up…

Will You Be Leading an HR Function in 2024?

Here are five things to look at to examine and determine if you’ve got what it takes to lead an HR team and be a viable partner to the business leaders.

I get it. You’re an HR manager/director and you’re wondering if you’re on track to take the big chair in HR in the next decade. As luck would have it, I’m equipped with a crystal ball and the right amount of confidence/swagger to predict your future. Lucky you! The world is changing, and the people paying the bills want different…

Employer Tuition Assistance Exemption on GOP Tax-Reform Chopping Block

SHRM descends upon Capitol Hill to advocate against the elimination of a tax exclusion for employer-based tuition assistance.

More than 400 members of the Society for Human Resource Management went to Capitol Hill on Nov. 16 to push changes in the employer-sponsored benefits portion of the Republican tax-reform plan. Currently, employers can provide up to $5,250 of tax-free tuition assistance to employees every year. That tax exclusion could be cut if the plan passes. The Republican tax overhaul…

GAI Consultants: Optimas Gold Winner for Business Impact

GAI's customer satisfaction, employee engagement and work quality improved when the company updated its training program.

GAI Consultants has a simple belief: As employees and leaders grow and succeed, the company will grow and succeed right alongside them. In order to put this belief into action, the engineering, planning and environmental consulting firm created a more effective training program with clearer, more precise directions. Their training program, GAI University, was designed in 2014 to develop the…

General Assembly: Optimas Silver Winner for Corporate Citizenship

General Assembly addresses the lack of diversity in tech fields by working with nonprofits and minorities to educate them on critical tech skills.

General Assembly is working with diverse groups to bring strong talent to its industry and open doors for underrepresented individuals. Understanding the lack of diversity in tech fields, New York-based General Assembly partnered with tech giant Adobe to open the Adobe Digital Academy in 2016 to close the tech skills gap and bring more women and minorities into the field….

AT&T Inc.: Optimas Gold Winner for Training

AT&T invested about $250 million and 20 million hours in training their 265,000 employees.

Back in 2011, telecommunications conglomerate AT&T realized its employees lacked the skills needed to run a growing software infrastructure. As tech talent is limited and competition is aggressive, AT&T determined it needed to retrain its 265,000 employees. Fast-forward to 2016. CEO Randall Stephenson appointed the company’s first chief learning officer, John Palmer, and invested about $250 million and 20 million…

Choptank Transport Inc.: Optimas Silver Winner for Training

Updated training programs will help create a better work environment and provides employees with better understanding of their jobs.

While shipping and transport company Choptank Transport Inc. had a training program in place for many years, company leaders found it was outsourced and tailored to the industry instead of its particular business. In an effort to create a more customized training program, Choptank created a two-week classroom training structure for new employees in addition to its seven-week onboarding program….

2017 Game Changer: Jay Fortuna

Innovator Jay Fortuna of JADO Solutions showed his transformative skills were worth the 'roadmap.'

Jay Fortuna, president and chief learning officer, JADO Solutions, Chicago When Jay Fortuna stepped into his role as director of training and development at The Horton Group, he didn’t just carry on with business as usual. Fortuna, 32, wanted to be transformative. No stranger to a challenge many insurance companies face, Horton Group dealt with difficulties attracting and developing new insurance…