Meet the 2011 Game Changers

Workplace challenges have never been greater than in this era of globalization, economic uncertainty and accelerated technological change. At the same time, nimble workforce management is ever more critical to an organization's success. The 15 winners of Workforce Management's first…

10 Keys to a Sensible Overtime Policy

For organizations that use shifts and have extended-hours operations, overtime needs to be handled with care. Here are 10 tips for developing an overtime policy that will reduce the likelihood of safety, health and production problems.

Your Recognition and Engagement Questions, Answered

Recognition expert Bob Nelson, the keynote speaker for Workforce Management ’s inaugural online conference, “Road to Recovery: HR Strategies for 2010,” agreed to answer all the questions that were asked of him during his session. Here are Nelson’s answers to more than 40 questions, from honestly communicating about layoffs to rejecting employees’ ideas that aren’t viable without demotivating them.

What Are Your Organizations Critical Positions

Although overall unemployment is high, there are critical shortages of workers for some key positions. These shortages can drive higher turnover, long job searches and higher salaries. Here is a plan for determining your organization’s key critical positions—the foundation for your talent management strategy now, and in a rebounding economy.

Do Employees Have the Right to Moonlight

Employers are within their rights to expect that employees show up for work ‘present, prompt and prepared.’ If a second or third job disrupts that, employers are within their legal rights to fire those workers. Here are some guidelines that could help keep moonlighting from disrupting your business.

Telling the Truth About Rewards Programs

Commentary: With his full-page ad defending a corporate rewards event, Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf has reminded those who have forgotten—or never knew—that in the free enterprise system, it is a best practice to give people rewards for reaching targeted financial goals.