The Human Capital Media (HCM) Research and Advisory Group is the research division of Human Capital Media, publisher of Chief Learning Officer, Talent Economy and Workforce magazines. The Research and Advisory Group specializes in partnered custom content solutions customizable and proprietary deliverables that integrate seamlessly with existing sales and marketing programs. Leveraging our access to senior-level decision-makers and proven HR industry expertise, we undertake market and thought leadership research in the human resources industry. Creating custom content and presenting thought leadership research are all part of the Research and Advisory Group’s focus.

The HCM Research and Advisory Group delivers:

— Custom white papers
— Benchmarking programs
— Surveys
— Infographics
— Thought leadership

For research inquiries, contact Sarah Kimmel, vice president:

For research sales opportunities, contact Cliff Capone, vice president group publisher:




Sarah Kimmel

Vice President, Research & Advisory Services

Before joining the company in 2012 Kimmel accrued more than 12 years of experience as a business research consultant on human capital projects at Accenture, specializing in training, learning, performance, leadership development and knowledge management. As a learning research strategist on Accenture’s global Capability Development Strategy Team, she applied special expertise in the design, implementation and analysis of training and learning research, including human-capital program measurement strategy. Kimmel holds a B.A. with distinction from Shimer College and attended graduate school in the Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences at the University of Chicago.

Contact Sarah at:

Tim Harnett

Research Manager

Harnett writes white papers and infographics based on HCM research. Harnett holds a B.A. in English (Creative Writing focus) from Eastern Washington University and a M.S. in Writing (Book Publishing focus) from Portland State University.

Contact Tim at:

Grey Litaker

Data Scientist

Litaker conducts research analysis and survey design for custom surveys. Litaker studied Liberal Arts and Sciences at Shimer College.

Contact Grey at:


The Workforce Business Intelligence Board

The 2018 Workforce magazine Business Intelligence Board survey has closed. Sign up to receive updates on the 2019 Business Intelligence Board and we will send you a copy of the 2018 HR State of the Industry results.

The Workforce Business Intelligence Board (WBIB) consists of senior human resources practitioners. The WBIB is the business intelligence arm of Workforce magazine. WBIB members represent government agencies, nonprofits and diverse industries ranging from aerospace to business services to consulting services and health/medical service. 22 percent of member organizations have annual revenues greater than $1 billion dollars. 32 percent have annual revenues less than $5 million. 16 percent of WBIB members are either a Fortune 100 or a Fortune 500 company. Approximately 75 percent are headquartered in the U.S. Approximately 4 percent are headquartered in Canada, and the remainder are headquartered internationally.

If you have questions about joining any of our research boards, please email Sarah Kimmel: