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Engagement, Apathy and Benefits Plans

We all walk around with unbelievably powerful computers in our pockets. An incredible 77 percent of Americans across income levels have a smartphone, and that number will continue to grow. The data our phones collect helps to personalize the world…


A Reminder About Holiday Pay

Tomorrow's July 4th holiday is a paid day off for many American workers. Last year, I wrote a post titled, '8 Things You Need to Know About Holiday Pay.' In light of tomorrow's holiday, I thought it was a good idea to revisit that list.

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How Do We Pinpoint Succession Weak Spots?

We have some departments that are better equipped for succession than others. Ours is a Fortune 500 company in a dynamic, regulated industry. How do we pinpoint our weak spots and begin to make succession an integrated component of our strategic planning? We’re stymied on first principles for getting started. —The Future Is Passing Us By, pharmaceuticals, Philadelphia

Staffing Management



What’s the Plan on Succession Planning?

I have three interrelated questions on succession planning. Our 300-person company is coming late to the succession-management game and needs to know the best way to ramp things up quickly. Should we start at the top with our executives, or is it more important to work from the ground up, beginning with key non-executive leadership slots? And how much analysis of our regional talent market should be included in our in-house assessments? As a small company we don't really have a formal board of directors to guide our process. Is that the first thing we should do? —Unsuccessful Succession, co-founder, services business, Amherst, Massachusetts

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