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Two Lawsuits Challenge New Overtime Rules

The Department of Labor’s new salary test for exempt employees is set to take effect Dec. 1, raising the salary level to qualify for certain white collar overtime exemptions from $455 per week to $913 per week. That is, it…


How Do We Jump Start Our Recruiting Strategy?

Our recruiting methods are getting stale. We aren’t getting great results and it seems to be taking our recruiters more time to find qualified candidates. We rely on all the usual and time-tested methods to recruit, including traditional print ads and online job boards. It seems that the more options we have to post résumés, though, the harder it is to find standout candidates — people who genuinely jump off a résumé and say ‘Hire me.’ Makes me wonder if we are missing somewhere. Am I just venting or might we have a real problem with our recruiting strategy? —Stuffy in Here, vice president of recruiting, services company, Union, New Jersey

Staffing Management

Kari Stevens: The Insurer

Kari Stevens Senior Counsel Cigna Corp. By the time the legislation was signed into law in 2010, Bloomfield, Connecticut-based health service company Cigna Corp. already had a plan in place to inform both brokers and clients about the upcoming changes…

What Is the Next Step for Retention?

What ought to be our next probable step for retention as employees reach the maximum salary on our pay scale? Would advancing them into the next job grade be considered a promotion? How can we ensure that our pay reflects going rates but also satisfies our employees? —Unhappy and Over Budget, vice president of compensation, manufacturing, Detroit



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