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Best Practices in Benefits (May 2013)

Learn from two industry experts how offering voluntary benefits is helping organizations retain top talent, increase employee satisfaction and loyalty and positively impact their company’s bottom line. These two new white papers are available now!

Best Practices in HR Technology (April 2013)

Advances in technology continue to strengthen HR departments with incredible power to effectively align HR initiatives to company-wide goals and overall organizational strategies. Choosing the right HR technology solution and leveraging it effectively requires a well-thought out strategy to ensure valuable return on your investment with a clear focus on real business results.

Best Practices in Training and Development (March 2013)

Your organization's employee training and development is critical — and directly impacts the customer experience. Download Best Practices in Training and Development to discover new ways of approaching training and development that will not only directly impact your customer experience, but also your bottom line.

Best Practices in Social Media in HR (February 2013)

When it comes to social recruiting, how savvy is your organization? In recent discussions with The RightThing clients, a large percentage have shared that while social platforms have quickly become a key component in their talent acquisition toolbox, most of these strategies remain in the infancy stage. As social talent solutions continue to evolve, now is the time for organizations to move beyond community creation and seek out additional ways to fully maximize this powerful medium.

Leading the Way in HR Technology (January 2013)

In this month's Leading the Way in HR Technology from Workforce, you will learn trends to watch paired with innovative recruiting strategies and how they apply directly to your HR technology. Companies that put candidates through too many hoops can be viewed as behind the times or inconsiderate of applicants' time. Most HR functions reach a point where automated technology isn't just a “nice to have,” it's a must. But choosing the right technology can be difficult.

Leading the Way in Benefits Health, Financial & Voluntary (October 2013)

Thoughts about retirement have changed drastically in recent years. No longer the endgame, people now view it as an opportunity for new beginnings. More American workers and retirees between ages 40 and 70 are looking forward to the next chapter of life and are thinking hard about how to finance it.

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