Affirmative Action Organizations

Anti-Defamation League
This group helps people who believe they’ve been discriminated against on the basis of race, religion or ethnicity. The ADL also offers a wide variety of education and diversity-training programs.

Asian Pacific American Legal Center
Located in Los Angeles county, the APALC is a non-profit agency dedicated to providing legal assistance to the Asian-Pacific American immigrant community. It also informs the public about political and social issues pertaining to this minority group.

Center for Creative Leadership
An international, not-for-profit group that strives to improve the practice of leadership and management throughout the global society. Center for Creative Leadership activities include research, publication and continuing education.

The Conference Board
A business-supported research network.

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
A national, non-profit legal and educational organization serving the Hispanic community.

NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund Inc.
Primarily involved in class-action suits where discrimination is an issue. Also sponsors educational seminars.

National Conference of Christians and Jews
A non-sectarian, non-profit human relations organization that attempts to improve lines of communication and cooperation in a culturally diverse work force.

SOURCE: Compiled by Charlene Marmer Solomon

Personnel Journal, August 1995, Vol. 74, No. 8, p. 66.