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The HR Vote — By VictorD. Infante

From Social Security to health care, from FMLA to EEOC, HR issues are frontand center in next month’s election. Workforce examines where thecandidates stand on the matters that mean the most to HR.


Secrets of Online Recruiters Exposed!— By Glenn Gutmacher

Anyone can take advantage of these techniques, developed by a leading trainerof Internet recruiters. Best of all, they’re free.

HR Online — By DaytonFandray

Life is short, work is long, and employers are looking to Web-based portalsto deliver self-service benefits administration, a sense of community, and amenu of dollars-off discounts that make employees feel appreciated. A growingnumber of companies are happy to help.

Boeing U. — Caroline LouiseCole

Boeing’s Leadership Center is a sort of flight simulator, encouragingmanagers to explores ideas that too risky to try out at home. Sometimes theyfail, but they always learn.

Screen and Glean — By ByGilbert Nicholson and Sallie Moniot Lilienthal

Two stories look at tests that help you find the right employees, andfeedback tools that keep you in the employees’ communication loop — evenafter they’ve quit.

Book Excerpt: Managing Your Mavericks — By Richard E. Cheverton

What does HR do with an employee who doesn’t follow the rules, seeks outnew (and unauthorized) projects, and simply won’t be reined in? The MaverickWay argues that managers should protect the mavericks — they can be the key tocorporate success.

The Workforce Interview — ByBob Rosen

Gifford Pinchot coined the word “intrapreneurial,” and talks aboutthe ways HR can help foster the inner entrepreneurs in an organization.

Benchmarking HR Budgets — ByChris Mahoney

Benchmarking is the cornerstone of good decision making, helping HR evaluateand create competitive salary and benefits packages without blowing the budget.Here’s how to get started.


On the Contrary — Breaking out of theLearning Box.

InfoWise — Managing the Message Mess.

The Buzz —

  • Vacation-Starved WorkersRebel.
  • Update on Benefits for Temps.
  • Happy HR Halloween.

Forte — The Postal Service Delivers HRInnovation..

Legal Insights — ContraceptionControversy.

Your HR Career — Coaching for PeakPerformance.

Working Wounded — Viva Value-Added!

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