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Designing an HRMS system can become a trek intotechnological quicksand or a voyage into a new world of strategic progress. The followingcompanies offer solutions to assist you in finding the right system.

NOW Solutions
Ascentis Software
Cyborg Systems
Ultimate Software

NOW Solutions

NOW Solutions
Chase Texas Tower, Suite 1455
201 Main St.
Fort Worth, Texas 76102
P: (905) 671-9888
F: (905) 671-9890
E: info@nowsolutions.com
W: www.nowsolutions.com

is once again setting new standards for the HRIS industry. Introducing fully web-based, powerful, integrated capabilities for managing your employee information: you now have even more flexibility and versatility at your fingertips.

    With one of the most innovative releases in its history, NOW Solutions provides compelling benefits for Human Resources and Payroll professionals to facilitate internal communication, improve productivity, and manage change. It’s human resources and payroll self-service—the way it should be.

The emPath™ Advantage
    NOW Solutions is ready to make your human resources and payroll management tasks easier than ever. emPath™ still provides all the elements that made it the most successful HRIS solution in the industry, and in addition, includes many new and powerful features as well as being completely web-based. Now add all this to the existing features and you have a comprehensive capabilities that will help you manage your employee information, communicate across your organization, analyze data, strategize based on report information, and connect to data. Explore all the new possibilities today!

    To find out how emPath™ can work for your organization or obtain more information on NOW Solutions, please contact our sales office at (905) 671-9888, or visit our Web site at www.nowsolutions.com.

With the release of emPath™, we’ve proven to our customers, 
once again,
you’ve picked the right HRIS provider, we want you as our customer for another 20 years. 
—Marianne Franklin, President & CEO of NOW Solutions

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Ascentis Software

Ascentis Software
PO Box 53330
Bellevue, WA 98015
P: (800) 229-2713
E: hrinfo@ascentis.com
W: www.ascentis.com

Save time and money with HROffice Self-Service

HROffice Self-Service builds on the solid foundations provided by HROffice. Foundations providing powerful HR, benefit and attendance management engines, easy wizard technology to complete set-up and everyday tasks, proactive alerting tools that push timely event information to relevant managers, comprehensive reporting functionality and a sophisticated cutting edge security infrastructure that implements and then steps beyond role based security to add “Verify Me” to fully automate the management of user-ID’s and passwords. Without these key fundamental foundations, the resulting Employee Self-Service solution will not satisfy your employee’s appetite for knowledge, analysis and understanding.

Improve Employee Satisfaction
    Deliver the information an employee needs when they need it. Employees no longer have to wait for HR or other managers to provide them with their benefits or vacation information. Benefit plan comparison is easy with summary plan descriptions side by side for quick analysis, along with links to actual benefit plan documents. A simple to use, Web-based user interface ensures data is readily available along with our unique Verify Me option that allows infrequent visitors access to their data, regardless of whether they have remembered their password or not.

Improve administration efficiency
    Why take all those phone calls and route through all that information when you can simply point employees to HROffice Self-Service? Set-up and management is easy with wizard-based screens taking you through all aspects of the job in-hand; whether it’s the HR details you want the employee to see, security, or the communication of letters or emails to your employees. Fill in the blanks, make your choices, and you are set to go.

Get Payback Quickly
    With simplicity of set-up provided by the wizard based technology implementation is often complete in less than a week for any size of organization. This provides super fast Payback. By releasing yourself from the majority of employee Q&A you are able to concentrate on strategic issues to improve your organization efficiency, allowing you to focus on benefits analysis and reconciliation, compensation and development of your organization.


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Cyborg Systems

Cyborg Systems, Inc.
P: (312) 279-7000 or (800) 4CYBORG
F: (312) 279-7077
E: usa_info@cyborg.com
W: www.cyborg.com

Cyborg Systems, Inc. is a leading global provider of integrated workforce management solutions. Customers in more than 28 countries around the world use Cyborg software to meet both their local and international human resources and payroll needs. Cyborg’s products are developed and tested at its international headquarters in Chicago, but tailored and serviced by regional branches around the world to ensure that they meet regulatory requirements and other local needs.

A Foundation for Human Capital Management
    Cyborg Systems recognizes that developing a diverse Human Capital Management (HCM) portfolio is crucial to obtain workforce optimization. A strong HRMS administrative foundation is essential to achieve this goal-eCyborg is that foundation.

eCyborg™ Aligning Your Workforce™
    Built on three decades of HRMS administrative excellence, eCyborg offers Web-based access, collaboration tools for communicating with third-party vendors, and a Web architecture with extensive support for working within your own portal environment. The result is a comprehensive tool that addresses the entire employee value chain.

eCyborg Components
    eCyborg is comprised of three components-Web Architecture, Interactive Workforce, and Analytics. The Web Architecture, with its zero footprint client, allows your workforce to access eCyborg functionality anytime, anywhere through a standard Web browser. Interactive Workforce includes all of eCyborg’s self-service capabilities. It allows employees and managers to control information 24 hours a day, seven days a week while simultaneously freeing HR professionals from tedious administrative tasks. Analytics combines the powerful Workforce Data Mart with the sophisticated, yet easy-to-use business intelligence tools from Cognos. The Cognos Powerplay Web product highlights information and trends that enable you to effectively manage your workforce.

Flexible Service Options
    Cyborg provides a variety of comprehensive implementation, customization, and support service packages to its customers. In addition, for those seeking the high-end eCyborg functionality, but preferring not to manage the operational aspects of such a system, Cyborg offers The ASP Solution outsourcing option.


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Spectrum Human Resource
Systems Corporation
1625 Broadway Suite 2600
Denver, CO 80202-4720
P: (800) 477-3287
F: (303) 595-9970
E: info@spectrumhr.com
  W: www.spectrumhr.com  


Best-of-Breed Software

SPECTRUM Human Resource Systems Corporation is a pioneer in the development of human resource management systems (HRMS) for the personal computer. Remaining independent and funding its growth through revenues, SPECTRUM has carved a solid niche by offering consistently high-quality HR products and services. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, SPECTRUM serves the HRMS needs of both small and large organizations.

    Since its founding in 1984, SPECTRUM has provided HRMS software to over 6,000 organizations. The company owes its success to client enthusiasm achieved through not only the complete functionality of the software, but also the services provided directly from within the organization. SPECTRUM’s strategic HR solutions products, iVantage® and HRVantage®, provide unequaled integration of HR knowledge, industry experience, and latest technology.

    iVantage is a fully Web-native HRMS that provides HR, managers, and corporate executives anytime, anywhere access to vital HR data. Using the iVantage Analysis capability powered by Crystal Decisions technology, employee statistics and corporate data become strategic information Add-on modules for specific needs such as Position Control and Budgeting, Salary Survey and Employee and Managerial Self-service, provide organizations with even greater flexibility and functionality. In addition, iVantage interfaces to payroll providers or in-house payroll systems, and other third party software solutions. Systems can be implemented on servers at the organization’s own location or SPECTRUM will host the system at a secure, managed facility and act as the DBA. iVantage is also available on a subscription basis for a small monthly fee.

    The company’s LAN based product, HRVantage, provides desktop, departmental solutions. It is functionally rich and easily customized to serve the unique needs of diverse organizations in every industry. Employee and Manager Self-service are available to assist overworked HR departments by reducing paperwork while providing valuable communications and needed services to every employee. An extensive library of standard reports is available, as well as the ability to create custom reports.

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235 Mtn. Empire Road
Atkins, Virginia 24311
P: (276) 783-6991
F: (276) 783-8574
E: TEDS.Marketing@TEDS.com
W: www.teds.com

TEDS Job Vision™

TEDS Job Vision™ is the revolutionary new workforce planning solution from TEDS, a global leader in Human Capital Development and Learning Management. Job Vision was developed by TEDS to provide customers with automated functionality to optimize the development, deployment, and utilization of their organization’s human capital. In design and development for well over a year, Job Vision allows companies to locate the best possible internal candidates for job vacancies and promotions.

Out there, somewhere, is the perfect candidate for that critical position in your company. Only one question. Where?

  With TEDS Job Vision™, you can instantly search through your company’s entire employee database to find the perfect candidate for that critical position. Job Vision is a system that knows who and where all your employees are and qualifies them for positions in advance. A system that can apply a virtually unlimited number of qualification filters including education, work experience, skills, competencies, salary grade, location, career preferences and more. A system that utilizes electronic resumes, tracks candidates, and manages the entire application process.

Among the features of TEDS Job Vision:

  • Employee Electronic Résumés
  • Career Preference Selections
  • Employee Self-service Career Interest Surveys
  • Job and Position Definitions
  • Requisition ManagementIncludes flexible approval functionality
  • Internal Job Posting SiteEmployees may apply for jobs electronically.
  • External Job Posting Site
  • Resource Locator—Locates employees who match selected combinations of competency, education, work experience, career preferences and more.
  • Applicant Processing
  •  Automatic Candidate/Vacancy MatchingUtilizes any variety of criteria as candidate filters.
  •  Candidate Identification and Tracking
  •  Performance Evaluations
  •  Notifications to Manage Workflow Processes
  •  Electronic Connectivity to Other Career Management Systems

  Job Vision™ can help you optimize the development, deployment and utilization of your most valuable asset, your human capital while saving you time and money.


Recruitsoft, Inc.
182 Second Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
P: (415) 538-9068 or (888)836-3669
F: (415) 538-9069
E: info@recruitsoft.com
W: www.recruitsoft.com


Recruitsoft’s mission is to help our clients gain greater return on human capital assets by implementing processes and software to most effectively assign people to talent demand, globally. Success in doing so helps our client companies further differentiate themselves through staffing and most optimally deploying the best and brightest people in their respective industries.

Enterprise Staffing Management Solution
    Recruitsoft powers enterprise staffing by delivering the most complete online staffing management solution to more than 100 G1000 companies. Recruitsoft features the first enterprise-wide staffing workflow platform with flexible configuration for multinational organizations–enabling the configuration of workflow processes from macro factors such as country, region, company and division, to micro factors such as individual job type. Recruitsoft provides a complete solution for staffing management, including the software, services, and computing infrastructure to enable HR departments to rapidly improve staffing processes. Additionally, the solution also offers seamless integration with existing Human Resource ERP Applications such as SAP and PeopleSoft. Recruitsoft is an SAP Certified Software Partner.

Reliable Technology
    Recruitsoft’s technology platform has been developed to be reliable and to ensure performance and scalability while also maintaining data security and integrity. The Company provides the highest availability of service to clients through redundant Web application and database servers, which sit directly on the Internet backbones of Internap Network Services. Recruitsoft also maintains a second, cold site for disaster recovery at WorldCom’s UUNET. Recruitsoft offers “24×7” technical support by phone, e-mail or the Web, in multiple languages. Moreover, as a contributing member of the HR-XML Consortium, Recruitsoft adheres to XML standards.

Global Capabilities
    From the technology infrastructure, application software, consulting and support services perspectives, Recruitsoft offers global organizations a complete solution with content and expertise that are unique in the Staffing Management Solutions industry today. Recruitsoft powers enterprise-wide staffing management for leading companies across many industries including Hewlett-Packard, Dow Chemical, The Gillette Company, Hyatt Hotels, Air Canada, Bank of Montreal, Deloitte & Touche, Canadian Tire, TELUS, Bombardier, MetLife, and UnitedHealth Group. Recruitsoft is at work for more than 100,000 users in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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2 Hannover Square, Suite 700
Raleigh, NC 27601
P: (877) 820-4400
E: sales@peopleclick.com
W: www.peopleclick.com

Peopleclick. One expert source for all your workforce management needs 

clickXG @ Recruiting Solutions
    From source to hire, our clickXG solutions streamline and improve your entire recruitment process. With Peopleclick, you and your team can work collaboratively–whether it’s across the hall or around the world.

Recruitment Management
    Peopleclick’s web-based recruitment management solution helps simplify and control the entire hiring process, increasing efficiency and lowering company costs. Only Peopleclick can evaluate your current processes rather than simply automating them, allowing you to gather strategic intelligence and make better business decisions

Referral Program Technology
    With the competition to recruit top talent remaining fierce, there’s never been a better time to automate and simplify your employee referral program. Flexible and easy to use, our referral program technology provides a framework for a world-class employee referral program that encourages participation, is easy to manage, and produces better candidates.

Vendor Management
    The addition of our Vendor Management Solution gives you the ability to understand, analyze, optimize, and control the time and cost of acquiring your entire workforce @ both contingent and permanent.

clickEM @ Employee Management Solution
    clickEM, our employee management solution, provides HR professionals, managers and executives with integrated business intelligence about talent at all levels of the organization. This analytical application pulls together essential employee information, integrating and analyzing it so you can report, chart or graph information when you want it.

    The result? Everyone in the organization is suddenly working together to reach their full potential. Key areas include: Succession/Career Planning, Performance Management, Competency Management, and Training Administration.

clickAAP–Affirmative Action and EEO Compliance Solutions

    Peopleclick provides the most comprehensive Affirmative Action solutions in the marketplace. Offerings include:

  • AAP preparation software

  • Compensation Analysis software

  • Adverse Impact Identification software

  • AAP outsourcing services

Peopleclick can work for you, visit us on the web at or call us at 877.820.4400.

Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software
2000 Ultimate Way
Weston, FL 33326
P: (800) 432-1729
E: ultipro@ultimatesoftware.com 

Ultimate Software is a leading provider of Web-based payroll and workforce management solutions. With Ultimate Software’s award-winning UltiPro® Workforce Management, customers can empower their entire workforce—employees, managers and executives—to pursue a new level of efficiency and strategic business performance. Ultimate Software’s exclusive focus on workforce management and payroll has resulted in solutions characterized by ease of use, robust built-in functionality, superior technology, low cost of ownership and rapid implementation—with a quantified return on investment.

    UltiPro is designed to address the most critical business needs. A comprehensive workforce management solution, UltiPro delivers strong HR functionality tightly integrated with the industry’s leading payroll engine, rich reporting,and analytical decision-making tools. UltiPro streamlines HR and payroll processes to significantly reduce administration and operational costs. UltiPro offers complete control over and immediate access to real-time data on employees, for evaluation of employee performance reviews or benefits choices, or review of employees’ pay, reimbursements or deductions, and more.

    Along with powerful HR, payroll and reporting capabilities, you get a Web portal that can act as your company’s gateway to business activities.

    UltiPro’s Web portal provides immediate access to important information as well as powerful tools for managers and administrators, and built-in workflow to streamline standard business processes. Managers, administrators and executives can access staff information, strategic reporting and processes, such as new hire information, even when they are traveling. The general employee population can access their important personal information, such as paycheck and benefits information, as well as company information like handbooks, healthcare claim forms, 401(k) enrollment forms and company news.

    UltiPro’s advantage is comprehensive workforce management functionality–plus a Web portal that can serve as your communications hub–for less overall cost than other systems. UltiPro goes well beyond payroll, HRMS and Web-based self-service. UltiPro provides businesses of all sizes a powerful work center that is easy to use, easy to maintain…and easy to pay for.

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W: www.workscape.com

Looking to strengthen relationships among your workforce?

Look no further.

    Workscape builds Internet solutions for Human Capital Management (HCM) and employee benefits administration, which strengthen relationships among employers, employees, and HR suppliers. In addition to the company’s award-winning employee portal, Workscape develops HR self service, workforce management, and other workplace e-commerce solutions that drive productivity gains and improve overall satisfaction of employees and managers.

    The Employee Portal gives companies a new way to speed communications, enable collaboration, and enhance company benefits to optimize the workforce. It combines HR self service, corporate and third-party applications, syndicated content, and Intranet/Internet content (consolidating all these resources into a dynamic personalized employee portal with secure access from anywhere, anytime. Syndicated content, content management, directory services, channel navigation, and secure remote access are included with the Workscape Employee Portal.

Employee Self Service saves the time, expense, and paper typically involved in routine HR tasks related to employee information profiles, benefits, life events, tax forms, payroll, and related compensation issues. With Web-based systems that are as easy to use as an ATM, Workscape empowers employees to manage their own information, enrollment, and transaction processes with updates to back-office systems, as well as liberates HR from time-consuming preparations and transactions. Workscape Employee Self Service modules include Benefits Enrollment, Employee Profile, and Employee Pay.

Manager Self Service integrates up-to-the-second information and automates complex processes of compensation planning, decision-support modeling, and workforce optimization. Workscape Manager Self Service modules include Compensation Planning, Executive Reporter, and Workforce Events.

Workscape solutions have been deployed at over 300 major corporations representing almost 10 million employees worldwide. The Cedar 2001 Human Resources Self Service/Portal Survey recognized Workscape as the most widely used solution in North America for human resources self service with 31 percent of the market. For the third year in a row, Workscape is the leader.

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