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Battle of the Giants!

Curious about how Oracle and SAP's recent talent management acquisitions shift the vendor landscape? Come hear executives from both HR software titans discuss industry consolidation at the upcoming HR Tech Week virtual conference, June 5 and 6.

SAP snatches up SuccessFactors, Oracle agrees to buy Taleo. Infor acquires Lawson. Cornerstone OnDemand gobbles up Sonar6. What firms might be next in the feeding frenzy? What happens to trusted products and painstakingly made implementation plans? Does consolidation even matter much for average organizations? Veteran industry consultant Karen Beaman quizzes a panel of HR software vendors about what all the recent M&A activity means for customers, innovation and the future of the HR software field. Panelists include Oracle’s Gretchen Alarcon as well as SuccessFactors’ Jeff Kristick.

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