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2016 Game Changer: Molly Dodson

One of Workforce's top 25 under 40, the director of human resources already has 16 years of experience at NBKC Bank, and she continues to prove her value.

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Nowadays, how often do you find someone under 40 with 16 years of tenure at a single company?

Hmm… “Let’s check with Molly”; it seems that’s what employees at NBKC Bank would do.

So if you answered “never,” you haven’t met Molly Dodson.WF_0815_GameChangerLogo

The 39-year-old Dodson has been at NBKC Bank, which has 200 employees and $600 million in assets, since 2000. Over that time, she has worked her way up from a customer service representative to her current position as senior vice president and director of human resources. Along the way she has developed and managed a performance management system as well as a comprehensive compensation plan and kept abreast of the best benefit offerings for recruiting and retention purposes.

In his reference letter, Brian Unruh, the bank’s president and CEO said, Dodson “is a rare mix of ‘nose to the grindstone’ and ‘let’s continually find better ways,’ and her leadership helps set the course for those around her.”

And, as Walt Disney, who grew up not too far from Overland Park in Marceline, Missouri, might have said: “sticktoitivity.”

James Tehrani is Workforce’s managing editor. Follow Tehrani on Twitter at @WorkforceJames and like his blog on Facebook at “Whatever Works” blog.

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