Workforce 100

2017 Workforce 100: Ranking the World’s Top Companies for HR

Google, 2016’s No. 2 for excellence in HR, takes the top spot on this year’s Workforce 100 list, Facebook and Coca-Cola on its tail.

Excelling in each area of human resources is no small feat. Workforce pinpointed seven core areas: workplace culture; employee benefits; diversity and inclusion; employee development/talent management; HR innovation; leadership development; and talent acquisition. To realize the importance of these categories and take action to improve them pushes a company from good to great.

Now in its fourth year, the Workforce 100 recognizes companies that excel in HR over the course of a year. To determine which companies make the list, Workforce editors work with researchers from the Human Capital Media Advisory Group, the publication’s research arm.

The research team created a statistical formula to sift through publicly available data on HR performance to separate the best from the rest. To give employees more of a “say,” we asked recruiting and job review website Glassdoor Inc. to provide data on what workers are saying about the companies that made our short list. From there, we combined that information with the public data available to create our 2017 Workforce 100 list.

Besides being No. 1 in 2017, Google also is one of the 28 companies to make the Workforce 100 all four years.

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This year’s list heralded 25 previously unranked companies. That’s why we touched base with several first-timers that made an impression with some aspect of their HR strategy. Associate Editor Andie Burjek interviewed executives at companies including Ultimate Software (No. 19), West Monroe Partners (No. 31), LaSalle Network (No. 38) and Grant Thornton (No. 92)  to get the scoop on their best workplace practices.

[Click here to read this feature listing the 25 first-time companies and exploring what some of them have done to stay excellent in HR.]

Welcome to the Workforce 100 list, first-timers; that’s some high-class HR company you’re keeping these days.

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Click on any of the companies below to find more information on their industry, employee count, headquarter location, Workforce 100 performance index and who leads their HR function.


Industry: Technology

Number of Employees: 72,053

Top Ranking HR Person: Eileen Naughton

Performance Index: 9.682

Headquarters: Mountain View, California

Facebook Inc.

Industry: Social media

Number of Employees: 17,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Lori Goler

Performance Index: 9.581

Headquarters: Menlo Park, California

Coca-Cola Co.

Industry: Consumer products

Number of Employees: 100,300

Top Ranking HR Person: Ceree Eberly

Performance Index: 8.898

Headquarters: Atlanta


Industry: Professional services

Number of Employees: 244,400

Top Ranking HR Person: Margot Thom

Performance Index: 8.881

Headquarters: New York

AT&T Inc.

Industry: Telecommunications

Number of Employees: 268,000

Top Ranking HR Person: William A. Blase Jr.

Performance Index: 8.876

Headquarters: Dallas

Walt Disney Co., The

Industry: Mass media/entertainment

Number of Employees: 195,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Jayne Parker

Performance Index: 8.833

Headquarters: Burbank, California

Marriott International Inc.

Industry: Lodging/hospitality

Number of Employees: 226,500

Top Ranking HR Person: David Rodriguez

Performance Index: 8.617

Headquarters: Bethesda, Maryland

Comcast Corp.

Industry: Telecommunications

Number of Employees: 159,000

Top Ranking HR Person: William Strahan

Performance Index: 8.572

Headquarters: Philadelphia

Goldman Sachs

Industry: Financial services

Number of Employees: 34,400

Top Ranking HR Person: Edith Cooper

Performance Index: 8.513

Headquarters: New York

Apple Inc.

Industry: Technology

Number of Employees: 116,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Denise Young Smith

Performance Index: 8.364

Headquarters: Cupertino, California

Intel Corp.

Industry: Technology

Number of Employees: 106,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Richard Taylor

Performance Index: 8.363

Headquarters: Santa Clara, California

Nike Inc.

Industry: Consumer products

Number of Employees: 70,700

Top Ranking HR Person: David Ayre

Performance Index: 8.362

Headquarters: Beaverton, Oregon


Industry: Professional services

Number of Employees: 188,982

Top Ranking HR Person: Darren H. Burton

Performance Index: 8.344

Headquarters: Amstelveen, Netherlands


Industry: Consulting services

Number of Employees: 394,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Ellyn Shook

Performance Index: 8.320

Headquarters: Chicago

Wells Fargo & Co.

Industry: Financial services

Number of Employees: 269,100

Top Ranking HR Person: Hope Hardison

Performance Index: 8.275

Headquarters: San Francisco

American Express Inc.

Industry: Financial services

Number of Employees: 56,400

Top Ranking HR Person: L. Kevin Cox

Performance Index: 8.230

Headquarters: New York

Southwest Airlines Co.

Industry: Airline

Number of Employees: 53,500

Top Ranking HR Person: Jeff Lamb

Performance Index: 8.216

Headquarters: Dallas

Cisco Systems Inc.

Industry: Technology

Number of Employees: 71,958

Top Ranking HR Person: Jill Larsen

Performance Index: 8.209

Headquarters: San Jose, California

Ultimate Software

Industry: SaaS HCM software

Number of Employees: 3,747

Top Ranking HR Person: Vivian Maza

Performance Index: 8.184

Headquarters: Weston, Florida

Delta Air Lines Inc.

Industry: Airline

Number of Employees: 83,756

Top Ranking HR Person: Joanne Smith

Performance Index: 8.112

Headquarters: Atlanta

Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.

Industry: Consulting services

Number of Employees: 23,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Betty Thompson

Performance Index: 8.101

Headquarters: McLean, Virginia

Lockheed Martin Corp.

Industry: Aerospace/defense

Number of Employees: 97,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Patricia Lewis

Performance Index: 8.083

Headquarters: Bethesda, Maryland

Boston Consulting Group

Industry: Consulting services

Number of Employees: 6,200

Top Ranking HR Person: Matt Krentz

Performance Index: 8.073

Headquarters: Boston

Johnson & Johnson

Industry: Pharma, consumer products

Number of Employees: 126,400

Top Ranking HR Person: Peter Fasolo

Performance Index: 8.066

Headquarters: New Brunswick, New Jersey

Capital One Financial Corp.

Industry: Financial services

Number of Employees: 47,300

Top Ranking HR Person: Jory Berson

Performance Index: 8.043

Headquarters: McLean, Virginia


Industry: Aviation

Number of Employees: 150,500

Top Ranking HR Person: Heidi Capozzi

Performance Index: 8.027

Headquarters: Chicago

Starbucks Corp.

Industry: Consumer products/retail

Number of Employees: 254,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Scott Pitasky

Performance Index: 7.992

Headquarters: Seattle

FedEx Corp.

Industry: Courier

Number of Employees: 335,435

Top Ranking HR Person: Judy Edge

Performance Index: 7.942

Headquarters: Memphis, Tennessee

Hyatt Hotels Corp.

Industry: Lodging/hospitality

Number of Employees: 45,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Ann-Marie Law

Performance Index: 7.926

Headquarters: Chicago


Industry: Insurance

Number of Employees: 28,738

Top Ranking HR Person: Mark Reid

Performance Index: 7.924

Headquarters: San Antonio

West Monroe Partners

Industry: Management and technology consulting

Number of Employees: 850

Top Ranking HR Person: Susan Stelter

Performance Index: 7.895

Headquarters: Chicago

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.

Industry: Insurance

Number of Employees: 34,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Gale King

Performance Index: 7.885

Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio

Prudential Financial Inc.

Industry: Financial services

Number of Employees: 49,739

Top Ranking HR Person: Sharon Taylor

Performance Index: 7.884

Headquarters: Newark, New Jersey

Genentech Inc.

Industry: Biotechnology

Number of Employees: 14,815

Top Ranking HR Person: Nancy Vitale

Performance Index: 7.867

Headquarters: San Francisco

Salesforce.com Inc.

Industry: Software

Number of Employees: 25,000

Top Ranking HR Person:Cindy Robbins

Performance Index: 7.826

Headquarters: San Francisco


Industry: Research

Number of Employees: 44,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Nancy Phillips

Performance Index: 7.820

Headquarters: New York

3M Co., The

Industry: Consumer products

Number of Employees: 91,584

Top Ranking HR Person: Marlene McGrath

Performance Index: 7.799

Headquarters: Saint Paul, Minnesota

LaSalle Network

Industry: Staffing and recruiting

Number of Employees: 198

Top Ranking HR Person: Sirmara Campbell Twohill

Performance Index: 7.780

Headquarters: Chicago

Wegmans Food Markets Inc.

Industry: Retail

Number of Employees: 46,800

Top Ranking HR Person: Kevin Stickles

Performance Index: 7.776

Headquarters: Rochester, New York

Cerner Corp.

Industry: Health care technology

Number of Employees: 24,400

Top Ranking HR Person: Julie Wilson

Performance Index: 7.762

Headquarters: Kansas City, Missouri


Industry: Consulting services

Number of Employees: 231,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Carolyn Slaski

Performance Index: 7.760

Headquarters: New York

Verizon Communications

Industry: Telecommunications

Number of Employees: 160,900

Top Ranking HR Person: Marc Reed

Performance Index: 7.751

Headquarters: New York

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Industry: Financial Services

Number of Employees: 243,355

Top Ranking HR Person: John Donnelly

Performance Index: 7.737

Headquarters: New York

Quicken Loans Inc.

Industry: Financial services

Number of Employees: 13,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Erin Reynolds

Performance Index: 7.729

Headquarters: Detroit


Industry: Professional services

Number of Employees: 69,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Tony Goland

Performance Index: 7.716

Headquarters: London

Mayo Clinic

Industry: Health care

Number of Employees: 63,480

Top Ranking HR Person: Cathy Fraser

Performance Index: 7.706

Headquarters: Rochester, Minnesota

Procter & Gamble Co.

Industry: Consumer products

Number of Employees: 105,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Mark Biegger

Performance Index: 7.698

Headquarters: Cincinnati

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc.

Industry: Lodging/ hospitality

Number of Employees: 169,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Matthew Schuyler

Performance Index: 7.683

Headquarters: McLean, Virginia

SAS Institute Inc.

Industry: Software

Number of Employees: 14,158

Top Ranking HR Person: Jenn Mann

Performance Index: 7.680

Headquarters: Cary, North Carolina


Industry: Managed health care

Number of Employees: 41,000

Top Ranking HR Person: John Murabito

Performance Index: 7.679

Headquarters: Bloomfield, Connecticut

Hitachi Data Systems

Industry: Computer data storage

Number of Employees: 6,300

Top Ranking HR Person: Scott Kelly

Performance Index: 7.670

Headquarters: Santa Clara, California

JM Family Enterprises Inc.

Industry: Automotive

Number of Employees: 4,200

Top Ranking HR Person: Carmen Johnson

Performance Index: 7.664

Headquarters: Deerfield Beach, Florida

Enterprise Holdings Inc.

Industry: Consumer services

Number of Employees: 97,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Edward Adams

Performance Index: 7.644

Headquarters: St. Louis

Toyota North America

Industry: Automotive

Number of Employees: 3,300

Top Ranking HR Person: Kim Cerda

Performance Index: 7.631

Headquarters: Plano, Texas

Texas Health Resources

Industry: Health care

Number of Employees: 18,815

Top Ranking HR Person: Michelle Kirby

Performance Index: 7.618

Headquarters: Arlington, Texas


Industry: Products and services

Number of Employees: 8,624

Top Ranking HR Person: Dennis Berger

Performance Index: 7.613

Headquarters: Vernon Hills, Illinois

Mars Inc.

Industry: Products and services

Number of Employees: 75,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Eric Minvielle

Performance Index: 7.610

Headquarters: McClean, Virginia

Hyland Software Inc.

Industry: Software

Number of Employees: 2,227

Top Ranking HR Person: Debbie Connelly

Performance Index: 7.589

Headquarters: Westlake, Ohio

Intuitive Research and Technology

Industry: Technical solutions program management

Number of Employees: 171

Top Ranking HR Person: Juanita Phillips

Performance Index: 7.588

Headquarters: Huntsville, Alabama

Kaiser Permanente

Industry: Insurance/ health care

Number of Employees: 186,497

Top Ranking HR Person: Chuck Columbus

Performance Index: 7.585

Headquarters: Oakland, California

IBM Corp.

Industry: Technology/ consulting services

Number of Employees: 380,300

Top Ranking HR Person: Diane Gherson

Performance Index: 7.583

Headquarters: Armonk, New York

Monsanto Co.

Industry: Agricultural biotech

Number of Employees: 20,800

Top Ranking HR Person: Steven Mizell

Performance Index: 7.579

Headquarters: St. Louis

Aetna Inc.

Industry: Managed health care

Number of Employees: 49,500

Top Ranking HR Person: Thomas Weidenkopf

Performance Index: 7.569

Headquarters: Hartford, Connecticut

Navy Federal Credit Union

Industry: Financial services

Number of Employees: 14,153

Top Ranking HR Person: Tisa Head

Performance Index: 7.564

Headquarters: Vienna, Virginia

Publix Super Markets Inc.

Industry: Retail

Number of Employees: 191,000

Top Ranking HR Person: John Hrabusa

Performance Index: 7.560

Headquarters: Lakeland, Florida

American Fidelity Assurance Co.

Industry: Health insurance

Number of Employees: 1,757

Top Ranking HR Person: Thayla Bohn

Performance Index: 7.540

Headquarters: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Industry: Telecommunications

Number of Employees: 50,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Elizabeth Sullivan

Performance Index: 7.529

Headquarters: Bellevue, Washington

Baptist Health South Florida

Industry: Health care

Number of Employees: 15,073

Top Ranking HR Person: Frank Voytek

Performance Index: 7.527

Headquarters: South Miami, Florida

CBRE Group Inc.

Industry: Real estate

Number of Employees: 75,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Jennifer Ashley

Performance Index: 7.492

Headquarters: Los Angeles

Bank of America

Industry: Financial services

Number of Employees: 208,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Sheri Bronstein

Performance Index: 7.490

Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina

Nordstrom Inc.

Industry: Retail

Number of Employees: 72,500

Top Ranking HR Person: Christine Deputy

Performance Index: 7.488

Headquarters: Seattle

Lego Group

Industry: Toys

Number of Employees: 16,836

Top Ranking HR Person: Padma Thiruvengadam

Performance Index: 7.468

Headquarters: Billund, Denmark


Industry: Chemicals

Number of Employees: 113,830

Top Ranking HR Person: Thomas Belgeri

Performance Index: 7.462

Headquarters: Ludwigshafen, Germany

Roche Diagnostics

Industry: Medical technologies

Number of Employees: 94,052

Top Ranking HR Person: Cristina Wilbur

Performance Index: 7.443

Headquarters: Basel, Switzerland

Merck & Co.

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Number of Employees: 68,800

Top Ranking HR Person: Mirian Graddick-Weir

Performance Index: 7.431

Headquarters: Kenilworth, New Jersey

Atlantic Health System

Industry: Health care

Number of Employees: 14,155

Top Ranking HR Person: Nikki Sumpter

Performance Index: 7.398

Headquarters: Morristown, New Jersey

Paycor Inc.

Industry: Information technology

Number of Employees: 1,460

Top Ranking HR Person: Karen Crone

Performance Index: 7.393

Headquarters: Cincinnati


Industry: Law firm

Number of Employees: 2,300

Top Ranking HR Person: Siobhan Handley

Performance Index: 7.388

Headquarters: San Francisco

JetBlue Airways

Industry: Airline

Number of Employees: 13,566

Top Ranking HR Person: Michael Elliot

Performance Index: 7.385

Headquarters: Long Island City, New York

Edward Jones

Industry: Financial Services

Number of Employees: 43,090

Top Ranking HR Person: Kevin Bastien

Performance Index: 7.376

Headquarters: St. Louis

Humana Inc.

Industry: Health care

Number of Employees: 51,600

Top Ranking HR Person: Timothy S. Huval

Performance Index: 7.365

Headquarters: Louisville, Kentucky

VF Corp.

Industry: Clothing

Number of Employees: 69,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Anita Graham

Performance Index: 7.352

Headquarters: Greensboro, North Carolina

MasterCard Inc.

Industry: Financial services

Number of Employees: 11,900

Top Ranking HR Person: Michael Fraccaro

Performance Index: 7.351

Headquarters: Purchase, New York

Scripps Health

Industry: Health care

Number of Employees: 14,746

Top Ranking HR Person: Victor Buzachero

Performance Index: 7.344

Headquarters: San Diego

Fluor Corp.

Industry: Engineering and construction

Number of Employees: 61,551

Top Ranking HR Person: Mark Landry

Performance Index: 7.322

Headquarters: Irving, Texas

Northrop Grumman Corp.

Industry: Security

Number of Employees: 67,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Denise Peppard

Performance Index: 7.316

Headquarters: Falls Church, Virginia

Synchrony Financial

Industry: Financial services

Number of Employees: 15,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Marc Chini

Performance Index: 7.314

Headquarters: Stamford, Connecticut

Paychex Inc.

Industry: Business process outsourcing

Number of Employees: 13,100

Top Ranking HR Person: Laurie Zaucha

Performance Index: 7.288

Headquarters: Rochester, New York

Hormel Foods Corp.

Industry: Food processing

Number of Employees: 19,300

Top Ranking HR Person: Lawrence Lyons

Performance Index: 7.284

Headquarters: Austin, Minnesota

EMC Corp.

Industry: Computer storage

Number of Employees: 72,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Steve Price

Performance Index: 7.278

Headquarters: Hopkinton, Massachusetts

TELUS Communications Co.

Industry: Telecommunications

Number of Employees: 51,250

Top Ranking HR Person: Sandy McIntosh

Performance Index: 7.270

Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada

Grant Thornton

Industry: Business advisory services

Number of Employees: 7,281

Top Ranking HR Person: Pamela Harless

Performance Index: 7.242

Headquarters: Chicago

Southern Co.

Industry: Energy

Number of Employees: 32,015

Top Ranking HR Person: Nancy Sykes

Performance Index: 7.241

Headquarters: Atlanta

Dow Chemical Co.

Industry: Chemicals

Number of Employees: 56,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Johanna Soderstrom

Performance Index: 7.237

Headquarters: Midland, Michigan

Dell Inc.

Industry: Technology

Number of Employees: 108,800

Top Ranking HR Person: Steve Price

Performance Index: 7.224

Headquarters: Round Rock, Texas


Industry: Financial services

Number of Employees: 12,950

Top Ranking HR Person: Skip Spriggs

Performance Index: 7.220

Headquarters: New York


Industry: HR management software

Number of Employees: 57,000

Top Ranking HR Person: Dermot O’Brien

Performance Index: 7.178

Headquarters: Roseland, New Jersey

Amazon.com Inc.

Industry: E-commerce

Number of Employees: 341,400

Top Ranking HR Person: Beth Galetti

Performance Index: 7.172

Headquarters: Seattle

General Motors

Industry: Automotive

Number of Employees: 225,000

Top Ranking HR Person: John Quattrone

Performance Index: 7.165

Headquarters: Detroit

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

Industry: Health care

Number of Employees: 4,900

Top Ranking HR Person: Fara Palumbo

Performance Index: 7.135

Headquarters: Durham, North Carolina


The Workforce 100 is the rank order and scores of the 100 companies that performed best in seven core areas: workplace culture, employee benefits, diversity and inclusion, employee development and talent management, human resources innovation, leadership development, and talent acquisition. The working assumption behind the list is that high performance in these core categories provides a reasonable proxy for overall HR excellence.

To create the ranking, researchers at the Human Capital Media Advisory Group, the research arm of Workforce magazine, collected available public data from a representative list of established benchmarking and ranking programs in the identified categories and partnered with Glassdoor to include data on employee satisfaction in key areas. This allowed researchers to generate a score based equally on depth and breadth of outside recognition and internal recognition.

The reason for this change in methodology was to create a ranked list that made comprehensive HR participation and employee feedback on their respective employers the primary focus rather than excellence in one core area. Using this method, organizations that are recognized on multiple lists but do not perform perfectly will be ranked higher than organizations that are ranked in one area but perform better in a single discipline. In addition, organizations that are not as heavily represented in external recognition programs are still acknowledged for their HR efforts through the posted opinions of their employees.

To generate the score, researchers first looked at how many lists with HR relevance a particular company appeared on, which makes up half of the total score (maximum of 5 points). The other half of the score (also with a maximum of 5 points) was derived from an average of the company’s Glassdoor performance in areas pertaining to HR. These scores are then added together to create the final score.

Component Lists:

Top Companies Lists, Overall:

World’s Best International Workplaces, 2016 (Great Place to Work Institute)

Best Small Workplaces, 2016 (Great Place to Work Institute)

Best Medium Workplaces, 2016 (Great Place to Work Institute)

100 Best Companies to Work For, 2016 (Fortune)

America’s Best Employers, 2016 (Forbes)

Top Companies Lists, Benefits

Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles (National Business Group on Health)

The Best 401(k) Plans, 2016 (Bloomberg)

30 Best Workplaces to Retire From, 2016 (Fortune)

Top Companies Lists, Diversity

Best Employers for Vets, 2016 (Military Times)

Disability Equality Index, 2016 (AAPD)

100 Best Companies, 2016 (Working Mother)

50 Best Workplaces for Diversity, 2016 (Fortune)

50 Best Companies for Diversity, 2016 (Black Enterprise)

Top 50 Companies for Diversity, 2016 (DiversityInc)

Top Companies Lists, Innovation:

The Most Admired for HR, 2015 (HR Executive)

The World’s 30 Most Innovative Corporate Human Resources Departments, 2015 (Human Resources MBA)

Most Admired Company, category Ability to Attract, Develop and Retain Talent (Fortune)

Top Companies Lists, Leadership:

Best Companies for Leaders, 2016 (Chief Executive)

Most Admired Company, category Quality of Leadership, 2016 (Fortune)

Top Companies Lists, Recruiting:

Best Places to Interview, 2016 (Glassdoor)

Candidate Experience Awards, 2016 (Talent Board)

Top Companies Lists, Talent Management

Learning Elite, 2017 (Chief Learning Officer)

Learning in Practice Awards, 2016 (Chief Learning Officer)

Excellence in Practice Awards, 2016 (Association for Talent Development)

BEST Awards, 2016 (Association for Talent Development)

Training Top 125, 2016 (Training)

Glassdoor Data Used:

Career Opportunities Rating

Compensation & Benefits Rating

Culture & Values Rating

Work/Life Balance Rating

Recommend to a Friend Rating

Note: Some of the component lists are compiled by active participation from the companies listed and therefore do not recognize companies that decline to participate.

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