Game Changers

2017 Game Changer: Amy Klose

This Game Changer's main priority is making sure she is doing all she can to create a work environment that employees don’t dread coming to.
Amy Klose

Amy Klose, director of HR and compliance, Undisclosed, Plantation, Florida

After first starting at the city of Miami in 2012 as the equal opportunity and diversity programs administrator, Amy Klose immediately began bringing forth new ideas by way of diversity, training and customer service.

She was promoted to director of human resources in 2014 when her innovation in employee development and her natural ability to bring unity to a group was recognized as a critical asset to the organization.

When not spending time outdoors with her family, Klose enjoyed the challenges and complex duties of her job working within a city government.

“One thing’s for sure; we never get bored,” said Klose, 36, who is moving to a new career at an undisclosed organization. “It’s challenging navigating the regulations of human resources along with different and sometimes conflicting personalities.”

Her main priority every morning is making sure she is doing all she can to create a work environment that employees don’t dread coming to.

“Work is called work for a reason,” she said. “I never want it to be my team’s source of misery, though.”

As director of HR, Klose was quick to approach old problems with new eyes, and was never one to shy away from a challenge. Among her accomplishments, Klose implemented a secret shopper program that measured phone and email customer service in order to drive impeccable service delivery within their organizational culture. She also played a pivotal role in the introduction of new scheduling for employees, which has led to higher morale throughout the organization and other departments starting to follow her lead.

In just under three years on the job, Klose developed customer service training programs like Embracing Emotional Intelligence in Serving Our Customers, as well as offsite training opportunities, conferences for professional development, and learning libraries and resources. She has also led cooperative action with the Department of Justice for her organization and has lead multiple contract negotiations with employees.

Being an attorney and a member of the Florida bar, there were even more regulations Klose had to follow within city government. That didn’t stop her from creating a better work environment for her organization. Klose believes you can make decisions based on your moral code, whether people like it or not, and still create effective, positive change.

“I came into this position and was head of a department of people who all had more experience than me, so I had to figure out what kind of manager I wanted to be,” she said. “Having an observational and willing attitude, I decided to just be myself and work with my greatest asset: my supportive and helpful department.”

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