Game Changers

2017 Game Changer: Anquilla Henderson

HR flows at Fulton County Government with the bold and progressive attitude of Anquilla Henderson.

Anquilla Henderson, HR consultant III, Fulton County Government, Georgia

In her short time in Fulton County (Ga.) Government’s department of human resources management, Anquilla Henderson has developed a reputation as a bold and progressive HR professional.

While with Fulton County Superior Court, Henderson, 35, facilitated training for managers and supervisors on attendance tracking and reporting, as well as other HR practices. She wrote the court’s FMLA notification policy and researched and recommended an employee recognition program. Colleagues consider her an out-of-the-box thinker, a self-starter and a person who gets the job done.

Her knack for process improvement distinguishes her abilities, as she is able to quickly assess and understand a situation, then develop and implement an action plan to meet her objectives.

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