Game Changers

2017 Game Changer: Kellie Glaser

Kellie Glaser's director Renee Breyer says, “Kellie is exemplary of a true game changer."

Kellie Glaser, program manager at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California

Kellie Glaser has made a significant impact on engaging Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory employees as program manager.

Glaser, 26, dedicated the past two years to improving the work-life balance of more than 6,000 employees. Her innovative programs include on-site cooking and language classes, wellness initiatives such as a holiday maintain/no-gain program and the community-supported agriculture program.

She coordinates more than 30 on-site fitness classes each week for employees. “Her commitment and dedication to creating valuable employee programs is evident in all that she does,” said Renée Breyer, deputy associate director at LLNL, in her recommendation letter.

Glaser utilized a variety of community resources and her own health insurance providers to develop a monthly program for parents and employees caring for aging relatives. “Her vivacious personality and passion for … employee engagement … have contributed to helping retain our talented workforce,” said Melissa Sale, general manager at LLNL, in her nomination letter.

Glaser partnered with the summer scholar program to coordinate a barbecue event for more than 600 visiting summer scholars.

“Kellie is exemplary of a true game changer,” said Breyer. “She is always looking for ways to measure the success of employee engagement and improve upon the programs she delivers.”

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