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Baylor College of Medicine: Optimas Gold Winner for Partnership

Having a healthy lifestyle will benefit an employee in and out of the workplace, Baylor College of Medicine helps their employees learn a healthy lifestyle.

Most businesses agree that employee wellness in the workplace is vital to help prevent lack of productivity and performance. Maintaining and learning how to have a healthy lifestyle isn’t only a personal achievement, but it creates a better work environment for an employee.

Baylor College of Medicine launched a five-year strategic plan that created a wellness program called BCM BeWell. The wellness program has won numerous local and national awards. BCM BeWell’s most recent award was being awarded in the top five “2016 Healthiest 100 Employers in America” by Springbuk Inc., a health analytics software company.

Most companies worry about failing without expanding their company with the help of another company’s support. However that isn’t what it was like for Baylor College of Medicine. It created an immense amount of internal success with its health programs that it wanted to expand externally.

After all of the recognition and success from the wellness program, Baylor College was approached by other companies looking for the wellness services of their own. “As the No. 1 charity in the Houston area, Baylor College of Medicine wanted to take its award-winning wellness program out to the community to improve the lives of employees and their families,” the company’s Otimas application read.

This is where Vitality Group came in. Baylor College sought out Vitality Group, which was its wellness portal provider, to see if it was interested in coming together to offer external wellness services. Both organizations have wellness as their core mission, and with that they formed a partnership.

The partnership opened for business in May 2017 and transformed the HR department into a profit center. BMC BeWell keeps expanding and providing healthy lifestyle assistance to people who enroll in the program. Because of the partnership with Vitality Group, Baylor College of Medicine is the 2017 Gold Award winner in Partnership.

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