Optimas Awards

Makespace: Optimas Silver Winner for Partnership

Startup businesses have the desire to grow into a larger company but don't always have the tools to successfully get there.

Startups have shown the ability to grow into successful organizations seemingly overnight, even as they face the myriad challenges that come with scaling a new business. Makespace, a storage and pickup company, started with four drivers, an excel spreadsheet and paper punch cards in New York City and quickly grew to 180 drivers in four cities across the country.

Because of its rapid growth, Makespace needed an easily accessible solution that could be effortlessly integrated with its payroll. So in 2013, they turned to Deputy.

Deputy is an online human resource and employee management system that aims to help companies with employee scheduling, time, attendance and communication.

“The simplicity of the platform and the user interface, particularly for drivers and managers, makes Deputy an indispensable solution to manage the workforce that is rapidly growing,” the company stated in the nomination application.

For developing an easy-to-use management system into a rapid growth company, Makespace takes the 2016 Workforce Optimas Silver Award in Partnership.

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