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How-to HR: Onboarding New Hires

You can only make a first impression once. It’s crucial that your management team understands the importance of onboarding new employees.

How-to HR, Workforce’s new monthly video series, takes a look at the do’s and don’ts of on boarding new employees. An employee’s first day can be a disaster or a dream. Your onboarding program needs to be viewed as a process, not just a single event. Include retention strategies and management support that goes beyond the initial first-day experience.

Ashley Househ: Everybody can relate to their first day on the job. You can only make a first impression once. It’s crucial that your management team understands the importance of onboarding new employees

Nearly one-third of people look for jobs within the first six months of employment. An effective onboarding process helps ensure your employees aren’t searching.

Executive Coach and Career Strategist Marcia Zidle says there are three easy tips for successful onboarding: provide a buddy for your new employee, assign them a small project, and have a welcome kit ready.

Explaining rules and regulations to a new hire is important. But new employees also need a clear understanding of what their goals are, the culture of the company, and the key people they’ll interact with. And Zidle says all that falls on the manager.

Marcia Zidle: Because the manager has the day-to-day contact with the new hire. And the manager can make the new hire’s experience positive or make the new hire’s experience negative.

Househ: It’s important to extend your onboarding process past the first day or even the first week.

Senior Director of HR at DraftKings, Graham Walters explains what works with the process at his company.

Graham Walters: On a quarterly basis we have a new hire panel, as well. So we try to get the whole group of new hires that have started in with a cross-functional team that changes every quarter so they can meet different areas of the business, understand what they do, and ask questions.

Househ: Finally, evaluate your onboarding. Solicit, employee feedback on their experience, and keep the conversation going as they progress in their role.

An effective onboarding process cuts costly turnover and improves employee engagement and retention.

For How-to HR, I’m Ashley Househ.

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