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2018 Workforce Game Changer: Zackary King

For someone new to HR, Zackary King has the drive, humility and forethought of a true Game Changer.
Game Changers 2018

Zackary King is the human resources analyst, public health-Seattle & King County in Seattle.

Not only is Zackary King 20 years old — the youngest Workforce Game Changer ever — he also used his youth to bring new perspectives to the organization he works at and to improve its hiring process substantially.

Public Health-Seattle & King County had an outdated recruitment system, and King was assigned the task of building a new platform.

“The biggest accomplishment that I’m most proud of as an HR professional is the digital platform,” King said. He established standard best practices for everyone in the hiring process. His digital platform cut 23.88 days from the hiring process, and that number continues to improve, according to Greg Wilson, program manager at Public Health.

Wilson added that as King actively manages analytics, he also provides reports to key stakeholders and organizes presentations to keep people informed. These presentations have helped to sustain momentum in the project.

As with any new digital platform, feedback helped King shape it from something basic to something great. “Until people actually gave me constructive and positive feedback, I didn’t know where to go with it,” King said. His appreciation of teamwork and maintaining positive professional relationships extends to his co-workers. “It’s always a team effort, and I can’t do anything I do without the companionship of my team and their work as well,” he said.

For someone relatively new to HR, King has the drive, humility and forethought of a true Game Changer. He especially enjoys the outreach portion of his job. While some individuals or groups in the company might see HR as a separate entity in their own bubble, he likes reaching out to these crowds, explaining what HR is doing to improve things on a daily basis, and confirming that HR is there for both the agency and its employees.

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His passion for the job is fueled by progress, King said. When he goes home at the end of the day he asks himself: What did I do today to feel fulfilled? What did I improve or work to improve?

“There’s always something to improve,” he said. “I’m passionate about that progress.”

— Andie Burjek

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