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2018 Workforce Game Changer: Chelsea Secker

Despite being at ease with the technical side of things, Chelsea Secker found the data analytics role was a different story.
2018 Workforce Game Changer

Chelsea Secker is the senior project team manager with AT&T in Dallas.

When Chelsea Secker realized that she wasn’t happy with AT&T’s campus recruitment tracking tool, she decided to create one herself.

Her new tool not only made things run more smoothly but also made them more cost efficient. Secker, 28, previously was a recruiter for the company. However, since the role required travel, Secker wasn’t sure she could continue in the job after having her second child.

“I was just so lucky because when I came back from maternity leave, they were like, ‘Surprise, you don’t have to travel. We have this awesome position that we literally made just for you,’ ” said Secker. And that’s how the senior project team manager was “sort of thrown into the role.”

Taking on the new position, she immediately felt comfortable with the technical aspects since she was first part of AT&T’s technology development program. All told, she started at the company as an intern, then eventually joined as a full-time employee.

“I always joke with people, I plan to retire from AT&T,” she said.

Despite her ease with the technical side of things, the data analytics role was a different story. Her job to collect, analyze and summarize recruiting and hiring data was new. There are two main teams — program recruiters and campus recruiters — so Secker spent time looking into their programs to find where their efforts would best be utilized and what leadership was needed as well.

“In this role I’m always being tested, and I really thrive on that,” said Secker. Since then, she has created multiple internal websites so teams can collaborate and view reports together to make sure they’re on the same page. Before her role was created, the teams mostly functioned independently.

MyCampus Plan, or MCP, the campus recruitment tracking tool Secker developed, helps keep the teams updated on new developments to their programs and provides easy access to hiring system reports, which reduces the time candidates have to wait for recruiters to pull up information. When she first proposed her plan to the developer of the tool, she was told it couldn’t be done — not an answer she was going to accept.

So she took her idea to her boss and said she could make it happen at a low cost. Since launching it a year ago, they’ve seen positive results.

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She also created the new program with a necessary eye toward it being mobile friendly, which is a boon for recruiters who find themselves constantly on the road.

Another issue she tackled was event calendars. If one recruiter was in charge of multiple schools, then there previously was a separate calendar for each school. MCP allows them to handle all the events on one calendar.

Even though the college recruiting and development team manager has built a new program, she’s already busy with her next project.

“I’ve actually been working a lot to create a new database, which I’m really excited about,” Secker said. “[It’s] something to really track our candidates from the very beginning, all the way through their career with AT&T.”

— Aysha Ashley Househ

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