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More Workforce Measurements on the Way

March 1, 2004
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Seventy-six percent of workforce management executives say that senior management in their companies will increase their support for "people metric projects" over the next three years, according to a Conference Board study sponsored by PeopleSoft. Only 1 percent expect a decrease.
Numerous companies are interested in workforce management metrics, according to The Conference Board. IBM is examining if its $1 billion learning investment was worth it. AT&T is investigating the effect of employee turnover. The Royal Bank of Scotland Group is establishing the link between employee engagement and customer service. Cisco--considered one of the more progressive companies in the workforce management field--is developing "human capital dashboards" to analyze revenue per employee and other data. American Express, also much admired for its workforce management practices, is refining the formulas it uses to reward business leaders for high employee-satisfaction rates.
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