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108 Males, 0 Females De Facto Discrimination

September 17, 1998
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What is the impact of your hiring practices on each of the genders?

A judge recently awarded damages against Joe's Stone Crab restaurant for sex discrimination. The EEOC's lawsuit alleged that Joe's hiring practices from October 1986 through December 1995 had a disproportionate impact on the hiring of females for the position of food server. Joe's unlawful employment practices resulted in the hiring of male applicants for 108 consecutive openings for waiters/waitresses.

The Judge wrote: "Joe's suggestion that women did not want these jobs but were content to work as kitchen helpers, laundry workers, take-out salespeople, and cashiers is not credible. In 1991, when news of the EEOC's investigation appeared in the local media, women applied in unprecedented numbers. Moreover, interest has continued to grow."

The case may serve as a wake-up call, especially if you are in an industry (such as upscale restaurants, as in this case) where one gender tends to occupy more of the slots in a certain job category.

Source: U.S. EEOC, August 1998.

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