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Workforce Management June 23, 2008

June 23, 2008
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Googling the Top of the Class
by Jessica Marquez
At the most admired companies in America, HR execs like Google’s Laszlo Bock push for a cross-functional approach that binds HR to business objectives and engages the workforce so that everything it does is linked to company goals.

Plenty of Blame to go Around
by John J. Haggerty
Too many critics of human resources ignore the fact that not enough line managers understand what HR should be doing, or what good it can do for their company. This won’t be fixed by belittling HR.

Straight Talk by Monster’s Man
by Ed Frauenheim
Through his thick Brooklyn accent, Monster CEO Sal Iannuzzi sets the record straight about the job board’s shaky history and its uncertain future.

Stating its Case on Immigration
Stories by Irwin Speizer
All eyes are focused on the Grand Canyon State as it tries to enact tough new restrictions on Arizona employers and businesses.

The Last Word
Time to telecommute
Dr. John Sullivan
Sex and working women
From our readers

 A Fresh Tale on HR From AMEX
Financial services firm joining an already crowded HR consulting field. Responsibility Goes Corporate: IBM and Pfzir staffers taking their roles as global leaders seriously. The Trade Off: Employers find their workers may be willing to haggle over benefits. 5 Questions: Professor Henry Mintzberg. Legal Briefings: ADA ‘association’ claim. Event Calendar: Key conferences and forums. The Hot List: Executive search firms. Data Bank: Buying up America.

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