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Workforce Management September 22, 2008

September 29, 2008
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Connecting a Virtual Workforce
Stories by Jessica Marquez
A day in the life of an Accenture consultant is anything but 9 to 5 in a high-rise’s cubicle. In fact, other than the occasional visit, working out of a company office is normally discouraged at Accenture, which has locations in 150 cities worldwide. When staffers do swing by the office, they have to make a reservation for a desk ahead of time. The consulting firm emphasizes teamwork, development and training in an effort to retain its far-flung staff. And, according to recent data, those approaches appear to be paying off.


Early Engagement, Long Relationship?
Stories by Bridget Mintz Testa

Keeping the youngest employees is no easy task these days, considering that the Millennials—those born after 1980—have developed a reputation for needing constant attention. Given that 50 percent of turnover in 2006 was attributed to workers with less than a year on the job, companies are implementing a number of initiatives to stem churn among their newest hires. One goal is to increase the number of employees who receive recognition and rewards so that acknowledging accomplishment is seen as an integral part of the corporate culture.

The Last Word
Apology’s sorry state
John Hollon
Insult to injury
From our readers

 For BofA, Merrill Deal is Old Hat
The banks merger experience should make for a smooth melding of the two firms' workforces. Retention Key at Fannie, Freddie: Bonuses might not be enough to retain financial firms' best employees. HR the Target After Plant Raid: More than 9,000 charges filed against Iowa meatpacking executives. Surgical Payoff: Study shows wieghtloss surgery for workers saves employers money.5 Questions: Accounting for integrity. Legal Briefings: FMLA; discriminatory speech. Event Calendar: Key conferences and forums. The Hot List: Reward & recognition providers. Data Bank: Kiss GAAP goodbye.

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