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Workforce Management September 20, 2007

September 10, 2007
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The Pay, The Perks, The HR Challenges
Stories byJessica Marquez
This year’s tally of the highest-paid HR leaders includes not only the top 30 earners list, but also stories on compensation trends and five leaders’ views of the biggest challenges they face in their organizations.

Elements in the Talent Equation
by Dave Ulrich
The best talent comes down to three essential ingredients: competence, commitment and contribution. Organizations must cultivate all three in their employees, for if any of them goes missing, the talent equation falls apart.

Taking Stock of Workers’ Health
Stories by Jeremy Smerd
Cost-conscious employers are gathering detailed data so they can get an accurate picture of their workers’ health and develop a highly individualized disease management program. But determining a precise ROI for such an approach still is elusive.

The Last Word
Who’s on the bench?
John Hollon
 In the Mail
The talent crisis is real
From our readers

 Subprime Stress
Firms worry about employees tapping 401(k)s due to the mortgage crisis; funds in their plans also could be adversely affected. Paid Sick Leave Proposal Looms: It would mandate that employers provide seven paid sick days annually. DNA Technology May Curb Claims: New tests hold promise for ending bogus disability and comp claims. The Double Bind: Women business are often labeled too soft--or too tough. 5 Questions: A scholar in the trenches. Legal Briefings: Caregiver bias, ADEA. Event Calendar: Key conferences and forums. The Hot List: Health insurers. Data Bank: A fatal turn in the workplace.

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