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Why IT Employees Leave

September 21, 2001
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Why do IT employees leave? Here are the most common reasons, according to asurvey by people³, a Gartner company:

Reason%Respondents Rated Moderately or Extensively
Offeredpromotion at other company69.0%
Receivedsignificant increase in base salary69.0%
Lackof career advancement/ development opportunities62.6%
Receivedsignificant increase in TCC58.1%
Failureto match competitive offer54.2%
Opportunityto work on new and/or more challenging technology53.5%
Dissatisfactionwith supervisor48.4%
Opportunityto work for start-up41.3%
Lackof senior management leadership/vision33.5%
Lackof training opportunities27.7%
Needfor better work-life balance24.5%
Desirefor alternative work arrangements23.9%
Lackof recognition programs23.9%
Poorfit with job20.6%
Uncertaintyabout company's future17.4%
Relocationof spouse/significant other14.8%
Poorcompany image in marketplace10.3%


SOURCE: 2001 IT MarketCompensation Study of 198 organizations (approx. 35,000 employees), ©2001, people³, Inc.
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