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What's Your Employee 'Flight Risk'

February 25, 2000
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What can managers do to assess if they are at risk of losing key employees? Managers who cannot answer "yes" to these important questions are at an increased risk of losing employees.

Pick your three key people and ask these questions:

  1. Do you know why this person works for the company and not somewhere else?
  2. Have you talked with this employee about several different career options and does he/she feel he/she is moving in that direction?
  3. Do you know this person's #1 career concern and are you working with him or her to address it?
  4. Do you know how valuable this person's skills are in the competitive market?
  5. Do you remain vigilant for any sign of fatigue or overwork, and do you take prompt supportive action to correct it?
  6. Do you have an open, trusting, respectful relationship with this person?
  7. Does this employee know that he or she is fairly compensated for his or her contributions?
  8. Do you know what the employee's long-term goals are and are you actively supporting him or her?
  9. Does this person's work environment meet the employee's personal and professional needs?
  10. Has this person's mood, physical health, and overall disposition been stable in the past six months?
  11. Does this employee's values fit the corporate culture?
  12. Is this person's profession and expertise critical to the organization?
  13. Does this person have enthusiasm and passion for the work he or she is doing?
  14. Does this employee seem satisfied with his or her work situation—projects, colleagues, reputation, learning, etc.?
  15. Does this employee know you will actively promote his or her development via training, challenging projects and learning opportunities?

We know that managers are charged with the task of enhancing retention. With these 15 questions, they now have the tools for keeping in touch with their employees and enhancing their commitment and loyalty.

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