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What is the Best Idea You Contributed that Actually Has Been Implemented

May 26, 2000
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In the Day in the Life - 2000 Survey, Workforce members told us they came up with these ideas and have seen them get implemented
  • "I made birthday cards for more than 400 employees. I read an article in Workforce about employee morale that talked about doing little things with the big things. Everyone loved them so much that they bought me a better color printer."
  • "Focus groups that keep upper management honest."
  • "Broke computer training into functional classes, rather than Intro, Intermediate, and Advanced."
  • "I had the idea of generating revenue for the organization (nonprofit) by marketing our training services, which normally were provided just for employees, to other organizations. We've since developed a full schedule of classes, and put together a marketing plan."
  • "I suggested a 'Realistic Interview Process' program. This program removed a second
  • interview done by a plant supervisor and moved it to a two-way interview between the applicant and a current employee."
  • "Employees may bring their children to work for the day in the case of there being no school or no day care available."
  • "Use of interns for peak season help. The program started with five interns,and it grew to 25."
  • "Conversion of HR data to a Web-based HRIS that allows employee access."
  • "Started my own company."
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