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How Much $$ Will Personality Tests Run You

May 30, 2000
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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is still a staple in the personality testing world, exclusively published since 1975 through Consulting Psychologists Press (

The method began with research performed by Katherine Cook Briggs in 1926 based on Swiss psychologist Carl Jung's work.

The "Type Indicator" was later developed by Briggs' daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers, following years of observing different personalities, principally at Johns Hopkins University.

Administered through a pencil-and-paper test, or software, the report results in one of sixteen possible personalities formed from combinations of extraverted, introverted, sensing, intuition, thinking, feeling, judgment and perception.

Understanding one's dominant and subordinate styles assists, not only in career matching, but in communication of any kind with co-workers, family, friends and the community at large. This method, last revised in 1998 (Form M), has been the most widely used personality assessment tool to date.

While basic self-scoring tests are sold for $5 to $16.00 each to qualifying (Level B) professionals, delivery of the assessment to end users may run up to $200 when you include of counseling and evaluation services.

The Strong test and its variations with personality components, are more centered on occupational themes, as is Omnia (, which goes a step further to incorporate position descriptions.

Wonderlic (, Caliper (, Objective Management Group ( and Berkman ( all offer career and pre-employment focused testing which assess personality tendencies in connection to job-related behavior and traits. Short version personality tests are even available through general office catalogue suppliers like G Neil (

Costs vary with the level of sophistication of the assessment tool and the depth of evaluation by a qualified professional. Short version catalogue products run as little as $13.00 per test. Established tools are more likely to run between $75 and $350 per assessment, with additional costs for stand-alone and networked software packages.

You might also want to check out Workforce Tools ( to request information from companies.

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