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Putting the HRIS to Work for You

August 4, 2000
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Now that you have your new HRIS system in place, how can you make it "sing"? The most important point to remember is that you need to produce a reasonable return on the investment you just made.

If you've done your homework upfront, you purchased a system that meets your needs today, and can grow to meet your needs tomorrow. Here are some things you should focus on in the first year or two post-implementation:

  • Aim to have 95% of your system bugs worked out in the first three months post-implementation. This may sound unrealistic, but the focus you place in this time period will save you countless man-hours and lost employee relations.

Although many of the problems that occur after implementation are addressed on a reactive basis (i.e., employee is screaming because benefit deductions are wrong), be diligent about thoroughly reviewing the system. It is often the tale of an implementation team slamming in a system and then holding their breath to see what pops up. Murphy's Law will dictate that unaddressed problems will multiply in severity tenfold.

  • Build excitement for the new system. If managers or employees don't have direct contact with the new HRIS, take your new arrival out into the company and show off how the system can increase productivity for employees and managers.
  • Conduct focus groups after six months. This is an opportunity to see what's right and wrong about the new system from both employee and manager perspectives. You'll most likely hear things that bring about needed reporting or additional modules that you may need to consider. If you've put in a custom system, have the implementation consultants or product reps sit in on the meeting too.
  • Become active in your HRIS user group. Most systems have a network of companies and periodic conferences to attend where information and new ideas are exchanged regarding your product.

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