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IDear Workforce-I What Trends are Most Likely to Impact Personnel Administration in the Next Five Years

Aging; globalizing; free agents; legislation, and automation.
November 5, 2000
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QDear Workforce:

What are some of the major trends which are most likely to impact personneladministration in the next five years?


A Dear Kelvin:

Not to pick on your semantics, but I guess the first one would be the name.There are still some personnel departments, and still some personnel directors,but a lot of people are now using titles like HR Director, Chief WorkforceOfficer, Human Capital Director or Director of Talent.

Now, to trends:

1) The Baby Boomers getting older. The aging of the population.

2) Technology taking over. The increasing need to automate and to use technologyto change the HR function, save money, improve hiring, retention, and otherparts of workforce management.

3) Rules and regulations proliferating. The ongoing need to make heads or tails out of newlegislation which often competes and collides with each other, such as the FMLAand the ADA.

4) The world shrinking. The need to understand different cultures,languages, and global business.

5) Employees hopping. The movement from traditional employees to freeagents, and from traditional workforces to teams and projects.


SOURCE: Todd Raphael, Online Editor for Workforce.

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