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Pro-baby or Anti-baby

April 13, 1999
Related Topics: Staffing and the Law, Discrimination and EEOC Compliance, Featured Article
One of your employees is pregnant. You figure she wants to get home at a decent hour and take care of various chores.

As a result, you usually offer another employee, a man, the opportunity to stay late and work on overtime projects.

Your intentions may be good, but you could potentially run into some problems with the Equal Pay Act, which governs equal pay for men and women in similar jobs. You could also run into problems like discrimination (under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act).

A related tip: Are you offering men and not pregnant women (or women with children) the chance at second or third-shift positions with higher pay? This could also be a case of discrimination against women under the Equal Pay Act.

SOURCE: Bureau of Business Practice, Waterford, CT, 1998.

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