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Workforce Active Subscriber List

May 16, 1999
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Let the Workforce Magazine Active Subscriber List make your next campaign a winner.

The 27,952 human resources/personnel decision makers will give you a virtual "who's who" of human resources management. Reach the top professionals making buying decisions about benefits, compensation, employee relations, relocation, recruitment, training and HR information systems.

The list is unique. Each customer is a current paid subscriber to Workforce, the recognized authority in HR management for more than 75 years. This means you're working with current names and a qualified audience for your message.

Reach the right people.

Marketing your specific products or services will be more effective when your message is targeted correctly. Workforce makes this simple by customizing your selection to the titles and functions you want most. Choose presidents, VPs, directors, managers in compensation, HR management, recruitment, and much more.

You'll be in good company.

The HR field's most respected product and service providers return time and time again:

Alexander Hamilton Institute
Dun & Bradstreet
Institute for International Research
American Management Association
Warren, Gorham & Lamont
Center for Management Research
The Conference Board
M. Lee Smith Publishers & Printers
G. Neil
Business & Legal Reports

Workforce Active Subscriber List:

27,952 Names $120/M

4-up Cheshire labels - $5/M
4-up P/S Labels - $15/M

Magnetic tape, 9-track,1600BPI
Non-refundable deposit $35

Title - $6/M
Function - $6/M
Gender - $3/M
SCF, State or ZIP - $3/M
Previous order omit - $20
Hotline - $6/M
Need something else - just ask!

Key Coding: $2/M

Shipping: UPS Blue unless specified

Min. Order: 5,000

Broker - 20%
Advertising Agency - 15%

Source: Direct Response Mail Buyers

Unit of Sale: $55/$99

Updated: Weekly

Sample Mailing Piece Required


  • Pre-payment required for new brokers/mailers.
  • Please allow 5 working days to process your order.
  • Mail date reservations required to protect against competing offers.
  • If mailing is canceled before mail date, running charges will be applicable. Mailings canceled after mail date will incur full list charges.
  • Lists are rented for one-time use only and shall not be duplicated, reproduced or transferred without written permission from list owner.


Workforce Lists
245 Fischer Avenue B-2
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Fax: 714-751-4106

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