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Table of Contents June 1999

May 21, 1999
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Cover Story

A Day in the Life of HR
By Allan Halcrow
Here are the colorful, compelling and often comical findings of the Workforce annual survey, “A Day in the Life of HR.”

In ‘Real HR,’ Anything Can Happen
By Allan Halcrow

HR Reform at the United Nations
By Brenda Paik Sunoo

HR in the Drivers’ Seat at AirTouch Cellular
By Linda Davidson

Lights, Camera, Action: HR at E! Entertainment
By Scott Hays

HR on the Run: Two Hours at US WEST
By Shari Caudron

HR Models Work/Life Balance at Dole
By Jennifer Laabs

HR’s Internal Consulting Approach at DHL
By Nancy L. Breuer


Alternative Medicine: The Arrival of New Age Health Care
By Brenda Paik Sunoo

How Great Managers Develop Top People
By Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman

Network Your Way to Better Recruitment
By Moshe Even-Shoshan and Tamar Gilad


Putting It Together
Dealing with a Workforce on the Edge

News Angle
Columbine Tragedy Sparks Debate Over Workplace Violence

The Buzz
The Use of Lie Detectors at Work; Think Two Instead of Team

HR Sets New Precedent with ‘The Prince of Egypt’ Screen Credit

Legal Insight
Protect Yourself from an Equal-Pay Audit

Money Matters
Stock Options May Depress Returns for Shareholders

Personal Best
Job-Readiness Program Is a ‘Win-Win’ in Atlantic City

Trends & Resources

HR Call Centers: A Smart Business Strategy
By Samuel Greengard
Facilitating employee self-service, an HR call center can reduce administrative work, cut costs and ratchet up customer service.

Planning Is Key to Call Center Success
By Samuel Greengard
An effective call center requires a good strategy with lots of planning. Here are tips to keep in mind.

Internal Resources: Newcourt’s Call Center Streamlines HR Processes
By Scott Hays
Find out how a call center at Newcourt Services, a financing company in Parsippany, New Jersey, lets HR focus on more strategic issues.

More Information: More About CTI
Here’s a list of seminars, Web sites, articles and books you’ll find helpful if you’d like to continue your research about computer telephony integration (CTI).

A Special Report

Human Resources Technology Trends: Beyond the Millennium
By Samuel Greengard
In this special report sponsored by SAP America, Inc., Workforce put together a panel of eight experts and asked them about technological advances that will affect HR and business in the next 10 years.

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