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June 2, 1999
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Frequently asked questions about Workforce membership.

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you have other questions or comments regarding the site, just go to the feedback page on the bottom left of every page of the site.

Why should I become a member?

The reasons why workforce management professionals join Workforce include:

Research Center: The Research Center has become a staple in the lives of many HR pros. The tools include thousands of articles, as well as self-assessments, tips, checklists, sample policies, sample letters, sample forms, and other tools to help you produce business results.

Community: Workforce members can post questions for their peers in the many forums on the site, whether for benefits, recruiting, technology, or other information. Members can also ask attorneys and other experts their individual questions.

Workforce Week. The popular e-mail newsletter updates you on goings-on in the business world, as well as workforce management advice and gossip.

Dear Workforce. Our bi-weekly Q&A newsletter - you ask the questions, and our panel of experts give you the answers you need!

I forgot my password and username. What do I do?

There are several possibilities:

1. Membership Confirmation: When you first joined Workforce online, you received a confirmation e-mail that conveniently recorded your username and password. If you still have it, check it out.

2. Have It Sent to You: If you still can't locate your username and password, send a "forgotten password e-mail" to /global/login_lost.xci

To use this function, you'll just need to enter the same e-mail address you used when your originally registered for the site. Your username and password will be forwarded to this e-mail address.

3. Login and Get Your Password Hint: If you remember your username, but forgot your password, do a login anyhow. When the login fails, you'll receive the password "hint" you provided when signing up (i.e. mother's maiden name). If the hint works, you'll remember your password and key it in on the login page.

My username or password doesn't seem to be working. What do I do?

Remember that the login is case sensitive. "Johndoe" is a different username from "JohnDoe." The same goes with passwords

If you know your username, do the login. When the login fails, you will receive the password "hint" you provided when signing up. If the hint works, you'll remember your password and key it in on the login page.

If all else fails, send a "forgotten password e-mail" to /global/login_lost.xci. You'll go to that link, type in the e-mail address you used when you first joined, and the username and password will be sent to that address.

If you are forgot your username and password AND you are no longer at the e-mail address that you joined at, you can e-mail Workforce for help. Remember, this is only if you have tried the "forgotten password e-mail" and it failed.

How private is this stuff?

Your password is not for public viewing. Workforce does have access to them in case you ever need help retrieving them. We do not give them out.

Parts of your member profile are public if you choose to make them so (for example, e-mail address, state, country, company size, union status, job function, job title).

Also, your e-mail address will be public if you post in a forum, so someone could find you, even from outside of the site. Read the complete privacy policy at /archive/feature/terms-use-site/index.php

What's the difference between Workforce online and Workforce magazine?

Workforce online covers trends but is more in-depth when it comes to implementation. Once you've identified the trends, how do you take action? Find resources? Get your colleagues' experiences? You go to Workforceonline and find sample forms and policies, checklists, case studies, get a comprehensive list of HR vendors, and network in the forums with your peers. To take advantage of all these options, you'll need to join.

Workforce magazine is about trends and the HR news behind the headlines. It tells you what you don't know, but should pay attention to. And although some older Workforce magazine articles are archived on the site, to get the most current information from the magazine, you'll need to subscribe to Workforce magazine.

How do I change my e-mail address, other information (such as company size), or unsubscribe from the Workforce Week newsletter or from the site?

To make any changes to your profile, click here:


You may be prompted to type in your username and password. If so, do it. Then you'll be in your personal profile. You can change any of the information on there, from name, address, company size, industry, etc. You can also uncheck the appropriate boxes at the end of the page, indicating you're no longer interested in receiving the newsletter.

I joined the site. I love the e-mail newsletter Workforce Week but occasionally I now receive an advertisement. I don't care as much for the ads. What do I do?

Simply click here, and uncheck the box next to Workforce Product & Service Alerts. While you're there, be sure to double-check the preferences for our our other mailings.

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