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Top Ten Signs the Pressures of the Job are Getting to You

August 28, 1999
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Share the stress--add your own signs to the mix if you want.
10. You wake up in a panic. . . in the middle of an important CEO meeting.

9. You're paranoid that the plant-watering crew are IRS agents in disguise.

8. You get up from your desk to do something, and then forget what it was.

7. No one in your office smiles. . . at you.

6. Antacids are included on your expense report.

5. You want to quit, but you're addicted to the stress.

4. You chip a tooth biting on your pen.

3. Those funky-colored stress toys on your desk need retreading.

2. You're considering adding an HRMS to your appointment book.

1. You answer every phone call with "Mommy?"

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